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Because of what the eyelid over an eye - the main reasons and ways of elimination swelled up

Because of what the eyelid over an eye - the main reasons and ways of elimination swelled up To find out that the eyelid over an eye or under an eye swelled up, and even an eye completely – causes a panic and fear for health.

One hurry behind medical assistance, others resort to lotions from tea.

In what reasons of such state? As far as it can be dangerous?

What symptoms and what to do to remove a tumor and to prevent its emergence?

Why eyes swell up: reasons and symptoms

Because of what the eyelid over an eye - the main reasons and ways of elimination swelled up Swelling under eyes – the phenomenon not rare, especially in the mornings. Therefore doesn't cause a panic, and only upsets a little. And here the swellings which are followed by painful feelings, reddenings – disturb outright! What can it be?

If eyes swell up, the reasons can be is as follows:

  1. Cold. As the scope it doesn't sound, but cold is often shown by a swelling of eyes. it is connected with strengthening of dacryagogue and hypostasis of nasal bosoms, nasopharynxes. As a result, this eye can podpukhnut only below or completely.
  2. Allergy. As a rule, during active blossoming of a number of plants, people inclined to an allergy, can observe puffiness round eyes. Most often, after a compress and reception of an antihistaminic preparation such puffiness leaves. But there are also complications. For example, can develop Kvinke swelled. Because of food allergy (a citrus, fish and seafood, other), angioneurotic puffiness of eyelids develops. Also eyes can swell up after use of the low-quality cosmetics or cosmetics containing a large number of allergens.
  3. Existence of inflammatory process. Any disease of eyes proceeding with an inflammation provokes a swelling under an eye. It can be conjunctivitis, dakrioadenita, meybomita (barley). Besides, inflammatory puffiness of eyelids is reaction to stings of insects, especially midges, bees and wasps.
  4. Violation of a water exchange in an organism and circulation of important liquids of an organism. It arises owing to diseases of internals and systems. Most often, it is a heart trouble and kidneys.
  5. Hormonal failure. Violation of endocrine functions, diseases of endocrine system – all this forces an organism to detain moisture that is at once reflected in the eyes.
  6. Heredity. If there is a tendency to bags under eyes which "got" from relatives, eyes can often swell and swell up.
  7. Pharmacological preparations, especially antibiotics. Reception of some such drugs can complicate liquid outflow, accumulating it under skin.
  8. Dehydration. As a rule, occurs because of not observance of the drinking mode, insufficient drink and abuse of salty and flour food. Also, it is actual after a hangover when the organism tries to fill the lost liquid.
  9. Tears. People with sensitive and thin skin, after long crying, can find hypostases and swellings of eyes.

Symptoms of a syndrome of the swelled-up eyes

Quite often, symptoms of swelling of eyes are shown gradually. Depending on complexity of the reason of this manifestation, there are such changes:

  • Eyes gradually I swell up and, as a rule, both at once;
  • "the water bag" under eyes can be formed, upper eyelids "bulk up" also a little;
  • There can be reddenings and an itch, pains during blinking are sometimes felt;
  • There are dark circles under eyes.

And if the eyelid over an eye swelled up?

Besides all listed reasons of swelling of eyes, there is still such reason as benign and not benign tumors, and various cysts.

In medical practice distinguish such benign tumors:

  • Contagious mollusk
  • Gemangioma
  • Ksantellazma

The contagious mollusk – as a rule, is formed at children. It is a viral infection which affects upper eyelids. It is shown by a slushchivaniye of skin of upper eyelids and swelling.

This education resembles "pearls" superficially. As a rule, the infection passes independently. In some cases these educations are squeezed out or cauterized.

Warts and papillomas belong to similar educations.

– also, the children's problem is more often than Gemangioma and it meets at kids of the first three-six months of life. They represent flat formations of red color. As a rule, they harmless also disappear by five years. In rare instances gemangioma can be too big sizes because of what disturb sight. In such couples supervision at the doctor is necessary.

Ksantellazma – the educations representing congestions of lipids in medial part of eyelids of both eyes. Thus, eyelids are a little raised over eyes and get yellow color. In this case, why eyes swell up, doctors explain increase in quantity of lipids in blood plasma. They are treated by trim of educations.

Malignant tumors of eyes

The most popular tumor bearing threat to health are Bazalnokletochny carcinomas. If to you in 60 years and at you swelled up under an eye, reddening is observed, sight decreases – it is worth visiting the ophthalmologist in due time to diagnose this education.

Such tumor, unlike the majority of good-quality educations, itself "will not resolve". It needs difficult and long-term treatment.

Cysts on centuries of eyes:

  • Moll's cysts
  • Tseys's cysts
  • Meybomiyevy cysts

Moll's cysts – the dense educations striking edges of forward eyelids. Have no colors, contain transparent liquid.

Tseys's cysts – are similar to Moll's cysts, only contain not transparent liquid.

Both types of cysts are removed by means of aspiration of their contents.

Meybomiyevy cysts are an external and internal barley. In more detail about barley we wrote earlier.

All these cysts are fatty and develop as a result of obstruction of follicles.

Whatever the reason was, visit to the doctor and full diagnostics of an organism is necessary. After all, skin of eyes, eyelids is some kind of "indicator" of a state of health of an organism.