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The design of nails gel is delicious: photo

Recently promptly the manicure gel novelties in which are presented on a photo gains popularity. It and no wonder, after all this covering is very resistant and the ordinary varnish looks much better, than. In a combination to rather low price of material, it does beautiful manicure gel by a varnish, as on a photo, very demanded among lovers nejl – an art.

Advantages of material

The palette gel – varnishes promptly extends, seeking to meet the requirements of a large number of consumers. Why more and more women of fashion choose such option of registration of nails? To it there are some, equally significant reasons.

  • Nails under gel it is delicious, apparently on a photo, are exposed to mechanical influence much less. If the manicure is executed in due form, such covering protects nails from stratifying. Besides, thanks to layer density the probability of demolition of free edge considerably decreases;
  • Beautiful gel manicure as on a photo, keeps the esthetics throughout a long time. Such varnish is steady against overwrite and scratches. If when drawing the technology was observed, that is the cut (saw cut) of a nail was sealed, the varnish keeps very long, without being chopped off and without exfoliating;
  • It is very easy to use such material in house conditions. The simple design of nails and manicure gel is delicious, the service jacket presented on a photo in style, any person who at least once in life put a manikyurny varnish can execute. Thus, the saloon can create independently the manicure similar on the esthetic qualities;
  • Rather low cost of a covering also became guarantee of its popularity. Now it is possible to create beautiful nails gel a varnish, as on a photo when the result looks very professionally. Thus it isn't necessary to spend a lot of money.

It is known that demand gives rise to the offer. For this reason nail technicians think out and offer the clients all new and new ideas of a covering of nails gel a varnish. We will consider some of them below.

Style decisions

In principle, this covering it is possible to execute practically the same options of designs, as a simple varnish. However the consistence of this material differs in slightly bigger viscosity. It can simplify creation of some options nejl – an art, but to complicate performance of others.

In total actual is a manicure a service jacket gel is delicious, presented on a photo. Such classical option of design looks equally pertinently both at work, and on appointment or the night-school student. However the traditional it is white – the pink scale can be diversified considerably. Recently in fashion a color service jacket, that is such when one of flowers or both are replaced at once with others.

The lunar manicure also is at the height of fashion. At such design all nail becomes covered by one saturated tone, and the area at a cuticle is painted over in the form of a half moon by a contrast shade. Are very effectively combined in such manicure red and black gel a varnish, the design in other tones is presented on a photo.

Doesn't lose relevance and manicure on gel nails the Gradient at which it is also possible to look at a photo. He assumes smooth transition of color from one in another within one plate. Despite the seeming complexity, it is carried out rather easily. Shades mix on a palette, achieving smooth transition, then transfer a varnish to a sponge, and already from it to a nail.

Smoothness of a nail which provides a covering gel with a varnish, allows to carry out also a photo design. It becomes by means of the special stickers printed on the thinnest film. After drying of gel the sticker is applied on a plate. From above the top covering is applied on a nail. It provides big esthetics and durability of manicure.

Work with stickers in general considerably becomes simpler when using this material. As it was already mentioned above, in view of a smooth surface which he creates, stickers – films lay down exactly and densely adjoin a surface. Such pictures for nails become covered from above transparent gel is delicious that betrays to manicure stability. Films aren't blown up and don't depart as it happens to simple varnishes.

However, rather simply such material and to draw on plates manually. Patterns and abstraction by means of a needle are carried out to similarly simple varnish, but in view of bigger viscosity of gel, the result can differ a little from the expected. If you use gel a varnish, the design of nails will turn out bright as the represented pictures turn out very bright. It is also explained by a peculiar consistence of gel.

The design of nails gel is delicious: photo

Ideas of a covering of nails gel is delicious

The design of nails gel is delicious: photo

Ideas for varnish gel

The design of nails gel is delicious: photo

The design gel is delicious

The design of nails gel is delicious: photo

The manicure gel is delicious

Thanks to it gel it is easily possible to carry out a stemping. It will evenly fill all cliche and completely will pass at first to a stamp, and from it and to a plate. Its saturated color will make a print bright and accurate.

Work secrets about gel it is delicious

Though this covering is also put similar to any manikyurny varnish, the technology of work with it, nevertheless, has a number of nuances. In particular, a varnish prior to work it is better to warm up gel a little in hands, then he will lay down exactly, as on a photo. Besides, the bottle needs to be turned several times not really quickly. It is impossible to stir up gel a varnish!

It is necessary to apply a covering only on dry nails. In an opposite case, when drying it can go waves and be wrinkled. Even after application of an obezzhirivatel it is better to blot nails with a pure lint-free napkin in addition. It is also good to use a primer in addition to dry a nail plate.

Layers with which gel is applied, have to be very thin. At an insufficient saturation of color (most often at bright or dark shades) it is better to put repeatedly one more layer, than to try to make at once a covering dense, in one layer. Three layers can be necessary for the most dark shades.

Equally well such varnish looks both on the increased nails, and on the own. However the manicure on short nails, such as on a photo if to use gel a varnish, becomes a little more difficult in performance. It is connected with the rule of obligatory closing of a cut of free edge. On short nails to execute such procedure quite difficult, without having soiled a finger. But it is impossible to do without it as it considerably increases durability of manicure.

Thus, work with this material is represented not too difficult. Creation of gel manicure in power to any girl. The most interesting ideas for gel of a varnish are given on a photo below. Perhaps they not only will help you to receive inspiration, but also to develop the unique and individual design on their basis.