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As treats dream book of an eye about what can tell such dream

As treats dream book of an eye about what can tell such dream Daily we see dreams which show to us improbable plots with fantastic images. Every image it is symbolical from the point of view of an astrology. It has the value which explains – dream book.

There is a set of dream books. And each of them, the same value of an image – treats in own way. For example, one dream book of an eye treats how a narcissism symbol, and another speaks about the forthcoming offense from enemies. And so on.

To what eyes dream

As treats dream book of an eye about what can tell such dream Eyes – are one of the most important distinctive characteristics of any person therefore it isn't surprising that eyes often play such noticeable role in dreams.

To what eyes dream? The explanation of dreams about eyes, as well as other symbols, is based on an astrology, psychology and psychiatry. Besides, the different generation of people has different knowledge as information sources – to everyone are available different and mental abilities – at each person, generations – different.

Each person, generation at different times dreams dreams in which eyes can be not such with what they are in life. It can be images of eyes, as separate beings who are allocated ability to speak. And can appear in a dream in bigger, than norm, quantity.

Such variety of images of visual body is based on "violence" of subconsciousness which accumulates information during the day. And as most of people are during the day occupied with the work, they have dreams about eyes in image, the cast work.

So, for example, people of creative professions can dream eyes in the most fantastic images and flowers. People, senior positions, for certain "talk" to eyes. And here people of medical professions, quite possibly, see absolutely abnormal eyes and others.

Asking a question to what eyes dream, snovidets especially attentively looks for the answer before an important event or when it is necessary to make the important decision. It proves once again that people trust in dreams. And whether it is worth believing in them? The decision is especially individual. We will note that dreams are everything that gives out to us subconscious, unconscious and our essential experiences.

Dreams give us helps, after all "an internal eye" sees more, than conscious and visual body. That is, it not simply "animated cartoons".

So, what the dream can tell of eyes?

One of the most intriguing dreams about eyes, is a dream in which snovidets sees everything own eyes. This state is a little similar to vision, but the person sleeps and it is a dream. It can speak about thirst sleeping to find the intellectual enlightenment, new knowledge new of understanding and perception of the available situation.

Dreaming the eyes, as if separately or seeing itself from outside the eyes, can say that in a bessoznaniye the set inhibited thoughts and desires, all that wants to break long ago outside accumulated.

The dream in which snovidets sees only one eye is interesting to a solution or can look only one eye. For example, astrologers, consider the left eye – as the Moon symbol, and the right eye – as the Sun symbol. Respectively, it is worth paying attention to what eye was and that, proceeding from it, prevails in snovidets – highly active energy of the sun or energy directed inside (introverts).

If snovidets dreams that his eyes are turned not outside, and inside, it can symbolize the developed intuition and spiritual knowledge. Such dream speaks about requirement of snovidets to address to itself, to analyse the mentality, to investigate itself.

To what to be removed eyes still? Still, dreams "about eyes" can warn about something. If snovidets often has dreams about eyes – his subconsciousness tries to warn "owner" about the future problems or small disorders. The dream as if urges to pay attention to some situations, people not to allow not good.

Perhaps, after such dream it is necessary to trust more own intuition and experience or time came to gain new knowledge for overcoming of barriers and search of new ways.

Also the dream about eyes "advises" snovidets to be more critical to actions of other people.

If snovidets sees himself with three eyes, the dream speaks to him about need to change a train of thought, to be more positive and at the same time, serious and responsible. Often such dreams recommend to snovidets to look for the reasons of malfunctions – in themselves.

Dreams about the injured eyes or closed can symbolize refusal to resist to the truth, that someone or snovidets tries to hide from the truth, to hide a certain truth.

Besides, dreams about the injured eyes symbolize ignoring of intimate life.

Dreams about the closed eyes can be expression of pain and offense of snovidets.

The dream says about squint, that snovidets doesn't see truth, sees the events not truly, not such what it is actually.