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Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

In independence of age, a kind of activity and a way of life each woman tries to pay due attention to the hands. After all beautiful and well-groomed, they make a certain impression about the woman, providing her positive image. Here therefore the neyl-art remains to one of the demanded directions of cosmetology. Its fashionable tendency not one year is a service jacket on nails — a photo 2017, novelties of the French manicure of this year already are on the Internet. They should be studied and chosen to themselves optimum option, after all with it each lady will be always on the ball.

Versatility and variability, elegant beauty and elegance is everything about the French manicure. Here therefore it doesn't lose the taken high positions and continues to win the female hearts in a different doomsday. It with pleasure is carried by young girls, after all modest and not striking it doesn't distract on occupations at school or at university. Effectively it looks on business woman fingers, giving it confidence in the forces. And women of advanced age often stop on it, as it stylishly and with taste.

Being classics, the manicure a service jacket constantly remains in the center of attention of stylists and designers. Daily and festive, with geometrical drawings and the image of flowers, poured, opaque and many other its options are constantly provided for discussion to the ladies who are a good judge of this question. From a variety of the trends and receptions applied to creation of the considered manicure even the spirit takes. And what the design of nails 2017 will introduce?

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

French manicure: fashionable length and shape of a nail, actual color scale

The statement about that the French manicure is the classics of a neyl-art which isn't getting out of fashion is true for all 100%. And it is possible to compare it to shoes court shoes, and also a small black dress case or to the constant representative on podiums of haute couture a skirt pencil. But the updated trend on a service jacket 2017 will give inexpressible joy both to the biggest women of fashion, and the women preferring an official style. After all it everywhere to a place:

  • For office onions as submits the refined simplicity;
  • Perfectly will approach under Casual, after all in its variations surely there will be that which will emphasize this style, will harmoniously fit into it;
  • There will be the best addition to style a sport chic.

Universality and charm of the French manicure, its naturalness, but, at the same time and a variety provide a statusnost to this design for many years.

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

It is possible to tell about any manicure, when a marigold in a full order. They have to have a beautiful and smooth edge, to be identical length on all fingers. Only with such the woman can feel like the real lady. Well-groomed nails are also lack of a cuticle which in due time is removed. The special attention when performing manicure a service jacket is paid to a configuration of nails. It can be the most different, but nevertheless the preference this year is given to the following forms:

  1. Short nails with the rounded edges. This form is quite laconic, has a simple appearance, as provides it a trendovost. And still such nails don't demand additional measures to be ideal.
  2. Almond-shaped nails. For lovers of long nails this form will become an excellent choice as visually fingers will seem is thinner and is more graceful.
  3. Oval nails. This form will never get out of fashion, after all she is ideal and emphasizes elegance and feminity. It is preferred by many because it is still universal and can have any length.

Each of above the listed forms is capable to become worthy decoration of hands, and their refined simplicity will become smart addition to any image.

Today the manicure a service jacket is actual for any form and length of nails. And on short and with the rounded-off corners looks not simply accurately, but very much even it is charming.

Democratic character of fashion allows to select manicure on any preference. On the first place, of course a classical service jacket with its dairy, beige, cream tones. In this season are fashionable also gentle-pink and creamy. Such basis will be to a place at work and at restaurant, on weekday and for a holiday. Doesn't leave us and a color service jacket, especially in spring months. Bright orange, green, blue will give good mood. In a trend and gold, red, as without it, yellow and violet.

The service jacket 2017 offers a set of interesting ideas on a color ratio of a basis of a nail with its free tip. The main condition is their compatibility and the correct combination of flowers. It can be bright coloring and pastel, contrast or differing only in a shade. But anyway, such manicure will lovely look at daily a sock and will be fresh to look on festive action.

Last trends and fashionable ideas of a season

Neyl-art are 2017 huge opportunities and a rich variety. Among the top are considered not only shades and colors of a covering for nails, but also techniques of their drawing. There are options for young and courageous which will be able to surprise and declare themselves. But at the same time it isn't forgotten also the classic, emphasizing style and a statusnost of the woman who achieved much in the life.

The imagination pulls down all possible borders. Using reception of translucency with color impregnations, it is possible to apply any forms on a nail plate: from chaotically scattered points to geometrical figures on a contour. It can be multi-colored lines or black impregnations. Such design on a transparent covering emphasizes courage and personal taste, does manicure unique.

For young, courageous and not burdened by household chores there will be during a time the French manicure with various additional elements giving dimensions. Originally look application with use of beads for it. Juicy the fur and feathers on nails looks. Use of any similar option with effect 3D will help to create a surprising show and to express the rebellious state of mind.

In this season the trend with jewelry is special. Smartly the service jacket with silver or gold impregnations looks. It will be original to look and brilliantik, being poured on a nail by all flowers of a rainbow. This reception can be applied on all fingers or on one, the effect will be stunning. Important nuance for this manicure is qualitative glue which will hold a jewelry and will support expensive beauty.

In total about design of the French manicure 2017

Thanks to creative work of designers, in a season of 2017 a huge variety of original options is offered. But classical too didn't remain unaddressed. Today carry to fashionable service jackets color when the edge of a nail differs on color from a nail plate. In a trend and a millennium which main characteristic is the brilliant tip of a nail at the expense of blyostok or pastes. There is on a podium also a service jacket the fan having a dark basis and light edge.

Today in fashion and therefore stylists advise naturalness to say goodbye to long nails. For the short certain recommendations are provided:

  1. It is better to make out a service jacket by means of similar shades to avoid sharp contrasts.
  2. In 2017 there was a fashionable trend – association of a service jacket with other technicians. For example, it is perfectly combined with beaten glass.
  3. Spangles too will decorate a hand. But for short nails the main thing – a measure. Here therefore it is recommended to use these details not on all five fingers, but only on one or two.
  4. Addition of a service jacket with drawings, and, not only on short, but also on long nails too remains in fashion. The main thing, they shouldn't overload therefore are selected in each case. The design can be geometrical or flower, or any other, but has to carry out the mission, decorate.

Not to make heavier a short nail, the service jacket shouldn't coincide with borders of the grown edge and to be less than 5 mm as in this case the nail visually extends and is even more shortened.

Service jacket on nails: photo 2017, novelties and traditions

Classical French manicure

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

Among a set of options of manicure a classical service jacket on nails, photos of its different versions are submitted for review here, remains always to the most firm. Its stylishness, universality always finds the sea of admirers. Gently pink, cream or beige main part and saturated white grown edge is that minimum design which will suit each girl. Such naturalness is fashionable and this year.

It should be noted that in a trend length of the grown part of a nail no more than a half-centimeter. The oval form of a nail plate as it looks most naturally is welcomed. In exceptional cases, caused by a structure nail a bed, the square grown edge is allowed. Nuance in this case is not acute angles, and rounded to a maximum level.

Lunar manicure

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

One of trends of this year is also registration of a hole a monophonic varnish same, as on the line of a smile. This, so-called lunar manicure, gives very effective look. Carry out it by means of a sticker or a thin brush. Quite interesting trend which in fashion for a long time, but you shouldn't worry about its fast leaving. The festive attire to a classical service jacket will be given by pastes or accurately drawn in detail lacy patterns. So, to winter manicure it is possible to pick up frosty openwork, spring can please with green branches with flowers. And yellow small leaves will be suitable for the autumn.

Manicure — the Frame

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

Rather recently appeared manicure frame is related to lunar, being its subspecies. In this case from a hole the strip on all perimeter of a nail is put, as if imprisoning him in a frame. But with such option it is necessary to be careful as it harmoniously looks not at all. Completely closed, it won't approach the truncated manicure as also so short nail plate will become even less and will look roughly. But if very much it is pleasant and there is a wish to have this design, it is possible not to close a frame from the growing edge and then the type of a nail will look not bad.

Color French manicure

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

More and more popular is a service jacket, the executed gel varnish. Thanks to its consistency, and such manicure ideally looks about three weeks, nails always as it should be without excess problems. Having special structure and technology of drawing, substances rather strongly keep on a nail plate and aren't subject to mechanical influences.

Using various colors and shades gel varnish, it is easy to create a color service jacket. It differs from classics in that at its registration, the most different colors are used. This type of manicure today the most demanded as has ample design opportunities. And for the French manicure it, probably, the best option.

It should be noted positive influence gel varnish on a nail. Its closeness and security from environment promotes strengthening. Here therefore at soft and brittle nails it is worth using this technology that considerably will improve a condition of a nail plate.

Wedding service jacket

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

Each bride in day of wedding wants to be faultless. And it is clear, in the most important day of the life when you in the center of attention, have to be an image ideal. Including handles, after all they will be on a public inspection during an exchange of rings. In this season much attention is paid to a service jacket for brides. Ideas with patterns in 3D are developed, pastes will be fashionable, Swarovski's stones, the service jacket is supplemented with laces. For their creation use various auxiliary materials, among which adhesive tape tape. Such manicure is delightful and the image of the bride will be impressive.

Slider — design

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

Fashionable is also a slider design. Its simplicity, ample opportunities and duration socks provides to such manicure high positions in the world of a neyl-art. If to pick up suitable patterns to the French manicure, the result to turn out unsurpassed.

Twist — a service jacket

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

The slider on nails can be grouped about a twist service jacket, which too in a trend. This reception allows to connect to five shades at free edge which can be carried out in the form of vertical and horizontal strips or smooth waves. Everything depends on the imagination of the customer and creative opportunities of the master.

Drawings, Strips, Points

Service jacket on nails of 2017 365 photos of novelties

Thanks to the inimitableness drawings of various subject don't get out of fashion of a strip and a point, and also. Therefore it isn't surprising that the manicure a service jacket 2017 didn't do without them. Any arrangement, various color schemes, quantity and a fakturnost – all in a trend. Each woman of fashion can choose for herself own option which will emphasize her style. Cheerful peas on a white service jacket or bright strips will become excellent addition to a summer image.




There is an opinion that the French manicure not the so French development, but the idea of the Hollywood makeup artist which ascended to a high step of popularity in the first half of the last century, but, despite of new technologies and variety of various modern designs, doesn't lose the positions. Today various types of a service jacket on nails 2017 are offered — fashionable ideas of a season allow to make unique design for each girl. A big variety of drawings, materials, receptions, but an obligatory strip at the growing edge is a classic, living already many decades.