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As it is carried out and what features correction and massage of eyes has

As it is carried out and what features correction and massage of eyes has Massage of eyes – one of techniques of care of skin of eyes practicing since ancient times. Today it is successfully combined with cosmetic leaving and allows to improve considerably not only external beauty of skin, and and health of eyes.

There is a set of types of massage of eyes – esthetic and medical. Except massage, it is possible to improve external these skin of eyes by means of correction of eyes a make-up and the laser, and also in other effective ways.

Massage of eyes is a complex of manual impacts on skin and muscles of different force and depth of penetration.

Massage of eyes: what types happen and as it is correct to carry out

As it is carried out and what features correction and massage of eyes has

Massage is excellent prevention of presenilation of skin, an atonichnost of muscular tissue, emergence of hypostases.

Besides, massage is an effective preventive way of prevention of development of a cataract, glaucoma and many other eye diseases. Manual therapy for eyes is capable to improve visual function.

Such influence of massage on eyes and sight is caused by that during the correct performance of a number of manipulations, blood circulation and a lymph flow amplifies and improves. The metabolism in fabrics improves, the producing new cages in skin amplifies, muscular tissue becomes stronger.

What types of massage of eyes happen?

Experts in the field of manual therapy offer the following classification of massage of eyes:

  • Hygienic massage
  • Plastic massage
  • Medical massage

All listed types of massage, are cosmetic and differ among themselves in approach to performance and intensity.

  • Hygienic massage – a type of massage which is shown to women from 25let. This massage allows to refresh skin, to raise its tone. Regular hygienic massage allows to support skin elastic, elastic and fresh. All movements during massage have to be very soft thus methodical. Main movements, it: strokings, percussions, pokolachivaniye, vibration. They have to be carried out on massage lines, without stretching skin. Each manipulation, is on average carried out about four times.
  • Plastic massage, it plasticizing – is shown to women of mature age – as a rule, from 45let and is more senior. This massage, is mainly directed on strengthening of a muscular framework, strengthening of metabolic processes in skin. This massage demands professional performance and accurate following on massage lines. Unlike the previous type of massage, this type is carried out more intensively, and therefore demands big care not to stretch skin and not to break a lymph flow. The plasticizing massage especially well influences mimic muscles, and therefore is good prevention of emergence of "goose pads".
  • Medical massage – the massage intended for elimination of flabbiness of skin, loss of a tone. It can be carried out at any age. Massage is carried out with average intensity on massage lines. With its help it is, also, possible to eliminate dark circles under eyes (not a painful origin), small swellings.

Any of these types of massage can be carried out both on dry clean skin, and on cream, gel or oil.

If on a face and under eyes there are considerable hypostases, on skin there are inflammations and damages – any kind of massage – is contraindicated.

Besides the listed types of massage, there is also an acupressure – the Chinese acupuncture and east massagesi - and - shu. The last represents a technique of impact on power points with elements of classical massage.

The sense of the last types of massage consists that according to the card of power points, serial pressing on these points is carried out. Each point corresponds or to body, or "the power center" of a brain.

Such massage of eyes can be made at any age for improvement of a tone of skin, the prevention of its aging, and also the general improvement.

It is very important to do it correctly, strictly maintaining time and force of pressing for each point. As there is a set of nuances of performance of acupuncture and si - and - shu, massage is carried out by professionals in salon or at home.