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How to make design "Beaten glass" on gel a varnish

For the first time the design "beaten glass" was made in South Korea. The first client with such manicure uploaded a manicure picture in social networks and received many enthusiastic responses.

How to make design

Girls around the world began to be interested in this effect and to ask manicurists to repeat this design.

The manicure with imitation of the broken glass looks incredibly effectively at the expense of holographic slices of nacreous or mirror polyethylene or a foil.

Imitation of beaten glass is created due to reflection of light and game of rays of light on material. The wide choice of shades allows to realize the most unusual ideas.

To use a foil or polyethylene it is possible both on all surface of a nail plate, and in the form of separate "splinters" and even to impose layer-by-layer for receiving colourful modulations.

How to make design

To execute such manicure quite in power in house conditions. We will understand nuances and subtleties of technology.

For manicure the foil, brilliant films or mica can be used.

  • The most popular — a thin film with translucent modulations of different shades. It is without effort attached to a sticky layer varnish gel. Is on sale thin strips or already cut on slices. Looks perfectly both on light, and on dark varnishes. The cost of packing of a foil in a tape – about 3 USD.
  • If you prefer a foil, buy not translated. Also consider that this material is thicker than a film therefore to fix it to a sticky layer much more difficult.

As the basis it is possible to choose gel a varnish of any color, but more effectively the foil looks on transparent nails.

The foil is on sale tapes of one color (the cost of packing fluctuates from 2 to 3 USD depending on length), and also sets from several flowers (a set from a foil of 17 flowers 100 cm long costs about 48 USD).

How to make design Manicure examples beaten glass

One more option – color mica, is on sale in jars in a loose look. To gain beautiful effect, it is scattered simply on a nail surface. The jar price with mica of one color about 1 USD.

The wide choice of materials at low price is offered by the Chinese online stores, for example, of "Aliexpress" where it is possible to get a film and a foil with free shipping.

The instruction — how to apply beaten glass on gel a varnish

For performance of manicure will be required:

  • gel varnish of one or two flowers,
  • base and top,
  • UF-lamp,
  • orange stick,
  • film for design
  • obezzhirivatel.


Stage 1

We prepare a marigold – we give the necessary form, we delete or we remove a cuticle, we remove bafy gloss.

Stage 2

If the film has a sticky layer, it needs to be removed. For this purpose we use an obezzhirivatel and a wadded disk.

Stage 3

We cut a film on slices of the different sizes and forms. It is better to do it over paper that it is easy to shake the unnecessary remains in a jar.

Stage 4

We degrease a nail plate and we cover with base. We dry in a lamp.

How to make design

Stage 5

We apply gel a varnish on nails, for contrast it is possible to apply other color of a covering on pair of nails. In our example – we use only one color gel of a varnish of black color. The varnish has to be put in two layers, we dry everyone in a lamp.

Stage 6

We apply on nails where there will be a film a thin layer of a top. We dip an orange stick a little in a top and we pick up film slices, we spread them on nails in any order. We dry a layer in a lamp.

How to make design

How to make design

Stage 7

We repeat procedure on other hand. It is better not to place large slices with edges of a nail as a nail convex, and the film can depart in the course of carrying.

Stage 8

We fix design two layers of a top. We dry in a lamp, then we remove a sticky layer.

How to make design

Useful tips on creation of manicure

  • Having mastered equipment of beaten glass gel is delicious, it is possible to afford courageous experiments – use different colors and their combinations. For summer choose bright juicy shades, for winter classical, pastel.
  • In such design the combination of glossy and opaque textures which will become a good substrate for "splinters" originally looks.
  • You shouldn't apply a film or a foil on all nails – there will be enough registration of one or two marigold.
  • Densely press film slices to a nail – they have to stick well. Thus the distance between them has to be not less than 1 mm. So "splinters" will keep more long.
  • If parts of a foil were a little wrapped, departed from a nail, it is possible to zapolirovat them and once again to cover with a top. Otherwise the manicure will start clinging and exfoliating quickly.
  • "Beaten glass" can be created and on a usual varnish, but it is important to manage to spread out material slices before full drying of a varnish, and also not to forget to put a top varnish over design. Be accurate – don't damage a varnish coat under a film.

Materials for design in "beaten glass" style cost not much therefore surely try to execute unusual manicure and please yourself and people around.

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