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How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

Manicure for the modern lady, an integral part of a successful image. Well-groomed handles will be useful in any life situation, whether it be appointment, a business meeting or simply a sit-round gathering with girlfriends. But what to do if time for salon simply isn't enough. There is an exit! Manicure of the house, the hands. You don't know how to turn this "swindle"? Then this article for you.

With what to begin?

Think that you want to see on the marigold. The French manicure (a service jacket in the people) will be excellent option.

How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

Its advantages:

  • it is universal (will approach on a party and in office);
  • it is easy performed by;
  • doesn't demand big financial expenses;
  • having added pastes, spangles, drawing, the festive manicure will turn out.

Interestingly! The name has nothing in common with France. Simply small marketing mix, after all this country was always the legislator of world fashion.

Preparation, technology of process

Essence of such covering of a nail in decorating a nail plate, to emphasize naturalness. After all a service jacket – in classical option manicure with an oval or square shape of a nail. A plate nail usually corporal color, a tip – white (also other options are possible: red, blue, practically any flowers).

To make the French manicure make in several ways:

  • by means of the glued white strips;
  • by means of a thick, thin brush;
  • by means of a small amount of an adhesive tape.

Interested? We start business. To use special smiles (adhesive strips for a portrayal of ideally equal tip of white color) the tempting offer. But this action it is possible to damage a corporal layer, time is spent in vain.

We bring to your attention a way with use of a thin brush:

  • we prepare a nail (we erase an old varnish if such is available);
  • having prepared a tray with warm water, we lower there for 20 min. the handle. We cut off a cuticle if you got used to remove it, then execute this action by means of a wooden stick. Don't use iron, they injure a nail;
  • we give the desirable form, by means of a nail file;
  • we degrease a nail plate (so the varnish will keep more long);
  • we cover with a basis a nail;
  • to put a corporal or light pink varnish;
  • to wait some minutes, before full drying;
  • we plan a thin brush, with a white varnish three points: middle of a white tip and beginning, end;
  • slow, confident movement to connect points;
  • necessarily to paint over once again, for saturated color;
  • after drying to fix manicure a colourless varnish.
How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

Color French manicure

Council! Do all tips identical. Various lines will ridiculously look. Better the nail is shorter, but it is more beautiful.

Service jacket with use of an adhesive tape

The step-by-step instruction for lovely ladies:

  • preparation of a nail, as well as in the previous option;
  • the basic covering can be not only light, choose bright color (yellow, pink), be original;
  • before a portrayal of a tip cut off a small equal strip of an adhesive tape, apply on a nail;
  • without effort, a thick brush, paint over the top part. Having chosen bright color for a basis, pick up to it and contrast for a tip. You remember combinations of paints.
  • fix manicure by means of a transparent varnish.
How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

The French manicure with use of an adhesive tape

Secret! For the best removal of an adhesive tape after the end of procedure, before use paste it several times on other surface. So it slightly will lose the glutinosity, without having spoiled a basic layer.

For increase in length of a nail use drawings, pastes. It is possible to buy ready stickers, give vent to the imagination. Be bought by multi-colored varnishes + a brush for a list.

Equipment to an ombra

All heard this word. What is such? Ombre – the interesting equipment including painting of a nail plate from dark color to light thus has to be very soft transition. This method uses not only the nail industry, but also the whole world of fashion. In such equipment dye hair, sew clothes, even cars paint this way.

How to make the French manicure of the house without strips

The French manicure in equipment to an ombra

Everyone wants to be in a trend but how independently to cope with the French manicure in style to an ombra? Attentively read all steps on the way to extraordinary fashionable coloring of a marigold:

  1. We prepare a nail (we clean the remains of an old varnish, we give the necessary form, we degrease);
  2. We cut off or remove a cuticle;
  3. We put a basic varnish, we wait for the sheer drying;
  4. We paint beige, pink, other flowers with a basis, we give time for drying.
  5. We put a gradient (the first varnish coat), by means of a sponge from a parabosom. Before painting remove surplus from a sponge by means of a usual slice of paper. So color will be uniform, without lumps;
  6. We dry a nail plate. Pay attention! Don't use the hair dryer, for process acceleration, the varnish will be blown up, there will be small bubbles. Spend more time, but result you will please;
  7. We paint a tip of a nail in the same way, but using other color;
  8. Attach strazik (at will), other jewelry;
  9. Fix a colourless varnish;
  10. For delay of growth of a cuticle, and also it is simple for mitigation, oil a nail basis the special. It will strengthen a nail plate, will prevent a nail sloyeniye.

Novelties in the sphere of nail design

The novelty in the nail industry – gel — varnishes will help to prolong life to the creations on nails. On price policy is more expensive, than usual, but the result is worth it. Service life of such manicure – 3-4 weeks, without cracks and chips.

Can make manicure in salon, but is cheaper get special UF — a lamp, some basic flowers for a start. Some are carried away so by this occupation that over time become manicurists. Everything depends only on you.

Useful tips

In conclusion of our informative travel on the world of a beautiful marigold, we advise to see some secrets of ideal manicure:

  • ideal shape of a nail – not square or purely oval. Something average between them. Pay attention to a natural form, after all the nature seldom is mistaken in questions of beauty. Remember! Square nails, do fingers visually thicker;
  • similarity of all marigold – pledge of beautiful manicure. Therefore after a podpilivaniye compare both hands;
  • don't shake a tube with a varnish at all, there is a risk of formation of bubbles. Simply take for a drive in palms, heat of hands will make a consistence more uniform, the varnish will more exactly lay down;
  • you put thin a layer that there would be no effect of "a thick, wavy nail";
  • the golden rule says: "Put a varnish in 4 dabs" (the first in the middle, the second and third on each side, and the fourth on all plate). This way will paint all nail without problems.

We wish success in development of art of manicure, new ideas, we hope, our article helped you to learn all secrets of a successful service jacket.

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