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How to make gel manicure in house conditions: video

The qualitative manicure for many women is not only a way of a manicuring, but a way to prove to be, show the tastes and tendencies. For this reason the beautiful manicure is so important for women. But not everyone has opportunity constantly to visit salon or even to update it independently every day. In such situation the gel manicure will come to the rescue.


How to make gel manicure in house conditions: video

Gel manicure

Advantages of gel manicure are obvious only at correct and is qualitative performance with observance of all norms and technologies. Also its quality is influenced substantially also by production, that is gel. If correctly to make manicure, but bad gel, the owner won't estimate it plus. Main positive characteristics of gel manicure are as follows:

  • Stability. The gel covering keeps on nails about three weeks. Often its updating is necessary only because the nail grew and near a cuticle the noticeable unpainted zone was created;
  • Wear resistance. The gel manicure so resistant that isn't rubbed clean, isn't scratched and not chopped off. Usually, remove gel which looks also as well as right after drawing. The shade doesn't change, and gloss doesn't grow dull;
  • Strengthening of own nails. When putting gel on own nails, on them the dense protective layer by means of which nails mechanically become stronger is formed. They become steadier against demolition and cracks. It gives the chance to grow own long nails even if they rather fragile and weak.

It isn't difficult to execute gel manicure in house conditions. However for this purpose it is necessary to have a little free time and all necessary materials, as the main, and accompanying. Such manicure releases a lot of time from this which YOU spent for daily updating of manicure earlier.


How to make gel manicure in house conditions: video

Gel manicure

The gel manicure has also a number of negative sides. First of all, it is rather serious harm for nails. The gel covering deprives a natural nail of access of oxygen. As a result of it the new nail grows deformed and weakened. It is impossible to minimize such harm as it is connected with mechanical and physical properties of a covering.

Besides, even the most qualitative and safe gel nevertheless does essential harm to nails the chemical composition. Competent drawing according to technology reduces the level of such harm, nevertheless, absolutely it doesn't disappear. An example is also existence of an aggressive pigment which is capable to paint nails even when using a protective basis.

One more feature – own nails, being under gel, cease to develop a natural protective layer. Thus, after removal of a covering, they are most subject to negative impact. Even if initially plates were in a normal state, impact of environment on them will aggravate their health. And therefore, after you removed gel manicure, it is desirable to carry out for nails a number of Spa — procedures.

One more negative moment – procedure of removal of a covering. It is extremely harmful to nails even if it is executed in due form. If you remove gel manicure in house conditions, use only qualitative means, as shown in video. To make a tray or a compress by means of acetone – means to nails considerably to weaken them.


How to make gel manicure in house conditions: video

Manikyurny set

How to make qualitative gel manicure in house conditions, there is nothing difficult, this process is in details shown on video. However in order that the manicure turned out qualitative, many tools and the equipment are necessary.

  1. UF – Tampa for gel drying;
  2. Standard manikyurny set;
  3. Remuver for a cuticle if necessary;
  4. Orange sticks if necessary;
  5. Polishers for nails of considerable abrasivity;
  6. Antiseptics for hands and tools;
  7. Obezzhirivatel;
  8. Primer;
  9. Transparent basis under gel;
  10. Color gel;
  11. Elements for design if necessary;
  12. Fixer for gel.

Apparently on video, gel manicure, when performing in house conditions, a lot of time and a large number of the equipment, and consequently, and material inputs demands. And therefore, if you plan to put it once, will be to visit salon cheaper. However, at regular drawing a covering to make it it is independent more economically.


How to make gel manicure in house conditions: video

Drawing primer

It isn't too difficult to make gel manicure in house conditions. Procedure is carried out in some stages. At first hands are processed by an anti-septic tank and the manicure – cut or not cut is carried out. After that pass to more unusual stages.

  • Polish nails. Not strongly but so that completely to remove luster;
  • Cover nails with an obezzhirivatel and wait before his full drying;
  • Put a primer and wait for a pobeleniye of plates;
  • Put a transparent basis with not thick layer, carefully sealing free edge;
  • Dry up it in a lamp for 1 minute;
  • Apply color gel, also sealing free edge;
  • Dry up this layer and put, if necessary, the second. It helps to reach more saturation and density of color. It is impossible to put a thick layer at once as when drying it will be wrinkled. Carefully seal free edge;
  • After drying of free edge, execute design;
  • After also it dries, put a top and dry up it in a lamp.

If your gel forms a sticky dispersive layer after drying to make the same good manicure as on video, you will need lint-free napkins. You will be able quickly to remove with them moistened in an obezzhirivatel this layer.