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How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

Hands of the woman is her reflection. Beautiful, well-groomed, they can fascinate any. Manicure – an integral part of beautiful hands. Today services of nail service are available to all women, irrespective of prosperity. However many all the same dream to do manicure independently, in house conditions. And to find the answer to a question "As it is correct to paint nails?" it isn't so difficult. It is possible to make all procedures most, it is only necessary to master some secrets as it is correct to do manicure.

How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

Bright summer manicure

Necessary tools

To make the correct manicure will be necessary: a nail file, a file for polishing, cuticle scissors, means for removal of a varnish, an orange stick or any other tool for work with a cuticle, wadded tampons, Q-tips, oil for a cuticle, a color varnish, a basis, drying for a varnish, a tray for hands, a small towel, hand cream, styptic means.


Starting manicure first of all it is necessary to clear nails if they are varnished. It is recommended to do it by special means without content of acetone which dries up a nail plate. The old varnish moves away a wadded tampon, the movements from the basis to edge of a nail plate.

Giving of a shape of nails

The following stage of manicure – giving to nails of a beautiful form. The nail plate has to be dry, differently it will start being stratified. The shape of a nail can be any, everything depends on taste and preferences. Roundish – the most neutral form, it is easy to make it in house conditions, it approaches any style. If it is necessary to clean the big length of nails, it is possible to cut off them scissors, but it is better to use a nail file.

How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

Widespread shapes of nails

As it is correct to file

During the work with a nail file it is recommended to be held perpendicular to a nail plate. It is necessary to move surely, but without strong pressing, from a corner to the middle of a nail, in one direction all the time, differently the plate will exfoliate and break. After all nails became one length and a form, they can be processed special nail files for polishing. It will remove roughnesses and roughnesses.

If at the end of manicure the covering isn't planned by a varnish, it is desirable to make polishing, it not only will improve quality of nails, but also will add them natural gloss.


How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

Tray which will help to strengthen your marigold

After nails got a form, there comes time to be engaged in a cuticle which should be softened previously in hot water. Any deep bowl in which it is possible to lower fingers entirely will be suitable for procedure of an otparivaniye in house conditions. It is possible to add special means for nails and a cuticle to water or to use national recipes: sea salt and lemon juice will be suitable for strengthening, camomile infusion well affect skin, the drop of iodine will solve a problem with stratification, glycerin will perfectly soften agnails. It is also possible to add aromatic oils. It is necessary to steam minutes 8-10. Further to dry a towel.


Otparivaniye in water – not the only way to prepare a cuticle for further work. There are special cosmetics which structure is developed especially for mitigation of skin. Usually it is used at not cut manicure.

Work with a cuticle

Mastering secrets and techniques as it is correct to do manicure of the house, it is necessary to be defined in advance, which type of manicure suits you. There are two types: classical or cut at which the cuticle completely is removed. It is recommended to owners of a rigid and rough thin skin. Other option — the European not cut manicure. It is simpler to make this option in house conditions.


Not cut method

At such way it is recommended not to steam skin, and to use special means for removal of a cuticle which should be put on all surface of a thin skin. After drawing, approximately in 2 minutes, the cuticle should be removed accurately by means of an orange stick, and the remains of means to wash away. The remained rigid parts of skin can be cleaned, having filed them a nail file or having accurately cut off scissors.

Cut method

After nails were steamed out and dried by a towel, the cuticle should be removed and removed with special nippers, tweezers or nozhnichka. It is necessary to make everything quickly, so far skin soft. It is desirable to cut off one line, giving to a thin skin the smooth and equal form. It is necessary to carry out this procedure accurately, without having touched a live layer of skin. Tools have to be well ground and disinfected.


At emergence of wounds, it is necessary to process at once their styptic and disinfectants to avoid a further inflammation.

Besides a cuticle, at this stage of manicure, it is necessary to pay attention to agnails. For their removal the tool should be held perpendicular to skin. After removal to process places where there were agnails, the healing means.

Final stage

How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

Putting oil on a cuticle

After removal of a cuticle there comes the final stage of manicure in house conditions: nails and a thin skin should be processed special oil around. Putting means, you can also make and massage of fingers. In house conditions oil for a cuticle can be replaced with any natural, for example, olive. At the end of manicure apply cream on hands.

If you are going to make up nails, procedures with oil are carried out after that, all works with a varnish will be finished.

Work with a varnish

To make up nails a varnish — a difficult task. The correct manicure means a number of actions. Before putting a varnish, the nail plate should be degreased. For these purposes the special obezzhirivatel or liquid will be suitable for removal of a varnish.

After nails are prepared, cause base – a special colourless varnish which protects a nail, facilitates causing color.

The base can be replaced with means for strengthening.

When means dries, the color varnish is put. It is the most responsible stage. How it is correct to paint nails that they were ideal? There are secrets and nuances. Put a brush with a varnish in the middle of a nail closer to the roller and draw a line from the roller to edge, then make up on each side. In total it is necessary to make three dabs. Act quickly and surely that the varnish didn't manage to dry up. When the first layer dries, it is necessary to make up nails once again. Final action – to make up nails a fixer. It will give to manicure the finished look.

It is quite simple to remove the varnish which got on skin in house conditions. The special proofreader in the form of a pencil is best of all to use. If it isn't present, the Q-tip moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish perfectly will replace such proofreader.

Some secrets as are correct to paint nails

  • Before making up a nail, a flakonchik it is necessary to take for a drive between palms, the varnish will become uniform and will better lay down.
  • Use a qualitative varnish. It keeps more long and doesn't do harm to a nail plate.
  • You put a covering with thin layers without admissions. Thick layers long dry and quickly exfoliate.
  • Let's all layers dry well. On average one varnish coat dries about 5 minutes.
  • If you want that layers dried quicker, use special drying. You shouldn't wave a hand or to lower them under cold water, it will spoil a covering.
  • Having soiled a cuticle or skin it is delicious, you shouldn't clean errors at once. Make it accurately at the end of manicure when nails completely dried.
How to make manicure in house conditions to itself video

How accurately to make up nails

Up to the end to understand that such manicure in house conditions, it is necessary to try it to make. Only practice and experience will teach you as it is correct to paint nails how to use a varnish as to itself to make up accurately nails and as without special expenses to make your hands well-groomed and beautiful.


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