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How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

To look attractively and effectively women need to look after the hair and hands carefully. Good laying and tidy manicure really give to the girl confidence in own irresistibility. But if girls got used to watch hair independently, in a case with manicure it is necessary to address to the expert.

But to save means of the girl are interested how to make lunar manicure in house conditions. In practice it appears not so difficult: it is necessary to learn only a little free time and patience.

What is the lunar manicure?

Most of women give preference to classical designs of nails which differ in the universality and modesty. Among such coverings as the most popular are considered frэnch and lunar manicure.

When performing a french, the master paints only edge of a nail that some kind of smile turned out. The lunar covering looks absolutely differently – the varnish is applied on the basis of a nail plate, like a hole.

It is interesting to know that the lunar design was already popular earlier. Women carried such covering in 30 years of the last century. Then the almond-shaped marigold painted in tone of a dress was fashionable.

What shape of nails is more preferable?

Before making lunar manicure a varnish it is necessary to give to nails the necessary form. This design is rather universal, and looks rather effectively both on long, and on a short marigold. Most often girls choose short nails of a square form (often with the rounded-off corners).

It is better not to carry out "moon" on the long pointed nails – such covering looks roughly, and often and vulgarly.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

  • The space design of nails not only looks unusually, but also perfectly approaches any life situation and clothes style.
  • Beige nude manicure looks rather stylishly and is beautifully combined with different clothes, read article here.

Design options

It should be noted that most of girls already refused classical varnishes and began to use shellacs. This type of a covering differs in the firmness: nails keep the tidy appearance up to the following correction.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

If you don't know as to make lunar manicure gel is delicious and you have no necessary equipment, of course, to address to salon better. There it will take a little time (procedure lasts about an hour), and the result will precisely surpass your expectations.

Types of "moon"

Popularity of "moon" among women caused emergence of new forms of this design:

  • The classical - is painted all nail, excepting growth zone (as in the 30th years)
  • The popular – the master paints the nail basis in any color which was pleasant to you. This design is combined often with a service jacket, using varnishes of pastel tones. As a result the elegant covering in nude style turns out.
  • Dior – it is so accepted to call the special type of a covering which appeared absolutely recently. The master paints both a zone and growth and the main part of a nail, leaving between them a transparent hole. Its width can vary depending on the client's wish. Such nails equally look good both in pastel tones, and with use of bright and juicy flowers.

How to make "moon" of the house

Today many girls ask a question how to make lunar manicure in house conditions. Actually this covering not the most difficult, and therefore each girl will be able to master it.

What will be required?

To master equipment of a covering, first of all it is necessary to get all necessary for this purpose:

  • Manikyurny set (for cleaning of nails)
  • Two types of varnishes (it is desirable to combine bright and pastel)
  • Strips for a french
  • Acetone (on a case if it is necessary to correct something)
  • Fixer (it is possible to replace with a transparent varnish)

Step-by-step instruction

If you don't know as to make lunar manicure, but very much you want to see it on the marigold, begin with attentive studying of the stage-by-stage instruction.

Initially it is necessary to give to a marigold the necessary form and to execute deep cleaning of cuticles. When a marigold is prepared, it is possible to begin.

First of all put the main varnish (usually pastel tone) on all length of a nail. Having waited for full drying of a layer, it is necessary to paste cliches for a service jacket at small distance from growth zone (depth of a hole choose on the taste). Further drawing the basic, bright layer follows. You watch to going beyond edges of a cliche is will make a covering slovenly.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

At the end a marigold covers with a fixer. At will, the line of a hole on one-two marigold can be painted over a brilliant varnish or to use pastes.

There is an option how to make lunar manicure of the house in a different way. For this purpose right after cleaning it is necessary to paste cliches and to varnish a marigold in some layers. Such design is simpler performed by (you won't worry that the lower layer dried out insufficiently) and looks more gently.

We learn to use shellac

Advantages gel varnishes are obvious, and therefore more and more girls give it preference.

Many already got all necessary, for performance of such covering of the house. If you also want to understand as to make lunar manicure shellac surely go to shop of cosmetics and get all necessary:

  • UF-lamp (there are tiny USB models capable to dry up a marigold within 10-15 seconds)
  • Basis
  • Varnish of color necessary to you
  • Obezzhirivatel
  • Cliches
  • Fixer

The technology of putting shellac a little than differs from a usual covering of nails. But when using gel varnishes, it is necessary to execute not simply manicure, but also to zapolirovat all surface of a nail by means of a baf. You shouldn't be overzealous – enough only to remove a brilliant layer.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

After that put a basis and send a marigold for some seconds to a lamp (exact time it is necessary to look on a box of your UF-lamp as at different producers this indicator varies).

Considering that shellacs are convenient in work and aren't reprinted, it is possible to try to execute "moon" in style Dior. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off accurately cliches for a french (that they turned out thin) and to paste where you want to see a hole.

In a zone of growth of a nail put a color varnish (at the basis better not to use too dark tone – the impression will be made that you are ill or jammed a nail). From other edge of a cliche put any varnish, which to you to liking.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

Having waited for full drying of a color layer, you can accurately remove cliches: on a marigold there will be an intricate manicure with a small transparent hole. Further all surface of a nail should be covered with a fixer (it is possible in some layers) and again to send to a lamp.

At the final stage nails need to be wiped an obezzhirivatel to remove a sticky layer of shellac. When the manicure is completely ready, it is recommended to oil cuticles nutritious and to enjoy effective design within 2-3 weeks.

How to make lunar manicure in house conditions: step-by-step instruction

  • Uses of a srub for lips in house conditions it will at once be reflected in their state: the surface will become smooth and velvety.
  • It is possible to diversify the French manicure by means of drawings, stones, a bulyonok and other accessories, it is possible to look at examples at us in article.

Important nuances or some councils

Having learned how to make lunar manicure in house conditions, you will be able safely to experiment flowers and designs. During training the small "secrets" of masters considerably facilitating work will be useful to you:

  • Cliches for a french usually are removed after drying of a varnish but if a covering insufficiently qualitative, the varnish can disappear. For this reason it is better to experiment with a cliche in advance and to understand when it is more convenient to you to remove it.
  • The fixer and basis need to be used always — it will secure your marigold against negative impact of varnishes, and also will make a covering stronger.

"Moon" really universal and stylish covering which perfectly will suit each woman. With such manicure it isn't a shame neither in office, nor in restaurant, and therefore safely experiment appearance of your marigold.

We learn to do beautiful lunar manicure independently: video

Today lunar manicure Dior who arranged fashionable display where at models nails as lunar design were painted found a second wind, thanks to the fashionable house.