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As it is correct to treat a SARS at pregnancy to avoid consequences

As it is correct to treat a SARS at pregnancy to avoid consequences

Sharp restiratorno-viral infections – the most widespread disease among all segments of the population.

Most often they strike people of advanced age, children and future mothers.

During pregnancy the immune system of women is in a condition of constant intensity as all forces of an organism are aimed at the development and growth of a fruit.

About 80% of pregnant women annually have a SARS.

From that, treatment of this illness will be how correctly and safely carried out, life not only mothers, but also the child depends.

Treatment of a SARS at pregnancy: to be or not to be

Viruses, getting into a human body, cause start of protective reaction of immune system – interferon which stimulates a producing antibodies to a virus is developed, these processes are shown by various symptoms.

As it is correct to treat a SARS at pregnancy to avoid consequences

The main signs of the beginning of a disease are:

  • Ache in all body, weakness, appetite loss.
  • Headache, drowsiness.
  • Congestion of a nose and/or ears.
  • The fever, body temperature raises to 37 °C.

During this period the timely help to an organism in the form of vitamin infusions, rest, inhalations is important.

The SARS at pregnancy is simpler to warn, than to treat is long its consequences.

Often sick person hopes for spontaneous disappearance of similar symptoms, but next day faces their aggravation and deterioration of the general state of health.

To catch a viral infection rather simply, as the main way of its distribution – airborne.

Public transport, hospitals, supermarkets – in these parts it is most often possible to face the sick person and "to catch" cold. SARS at pregnancy which 1 trimester is very important for formation of an embryo are most dangerous.

Algorithm of actions at detection of the beginning of a catarrhal disease during pregnancy:

  1. Whenever possible consult with the treating therapist in respect of application of these or those means. If it isn't possible, carefully consider the actions before to accept medicines and to carry out medical procedures.
  2. Drowsiness, fever, ache can be removed easily, having drunk tea with a linden, raspberry, currant and honey. It is better to be wrapped in a warm blanket and to have a sleep – additional rest during this period is useful to an organism.
  3. Treatment of a SARS at pregnancy provides, in case of temperature increase of a body to 38 °C, acceptance of one tablet of acetilsalicylic acid or a tablet of paracetamol. It isn't desirable to accept bigger amount of these substances, they can do much harm to a fruit. Rubdowns by cool water and regular drink will help to get rid of heat.
  4. By no means it is impossible: to soar feet, to use modern flu medicines, to be rubbed off by alcohol, to take a steam bath in a ban or to take a hot bath.

Some future mothers at the initial stage of a SARS at pregnancy prefer to stay idle, waiting for that immunity will independently cope with a virus.

As it is correct to treat a SARS at pregnancy to avoid consequences

Such actions can be justified only in case of existence of absolute health at the woman.

However often absence even the minimum therapy leads to complications in the form of long bronchitis, otitises, antritises and even pneumonia.

Possible consequences of the viral diseases transferred to pregnancy time:

  • development of inflammatory processes of sexual system, as a result – pathological childbirth
  • emergence of complications during postnatal rehabilitation
  • in case of ignorance of the woman of a SARS at pregnancy than to treat, transition of the existing infectious diseases to a chronic phase is possible
  • infection of a fruit in a womb is possible
  • development of a hypoxia of a fruit
  • emergence of defects and arrest of development of an embryo
  • death of a fruit, aborting.

The knowledge of similar consequences doesn't mean at all that it is necessary to be afraid constantly it is necessary to ache, on the contrary, to realize responsibility of the actions and not to put itself at unjustified risk.