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The main reasons why red whites of the eyes happen as to treat them and not to allow emergence

The main reasons why red whites of the eyes happen as to treat them and not to allow emergence Red whites of the eyes, the reasons of this phenomenon can be the most different. It can be fatigue from long work in front of the computer monitor, long stay on a wind and so on. Also it can be a disease of eyes.

It isn't less also ways of treatment of reddening of eyes. The main thing that this treatment was preceded by professional diagnostics. The last is pledge of the correct selection of the medical program and the fastest treatment.

Why red whites of the eyes: main reasons

The main reasons why red whites of the eyes happen as to treat them and not to allow emergence When whites of the eyes red is disturbs outright, especially when the redness is followed by pain. What it? When place is taken by such state, the definite answer doesn't exist, as the reasons its multilateral.

It can be fatigue, long stay in front of the computer. Though there is an opinion that it is necessary to put on "computer glasses", it doesn't solve a problem and doesn't protect an eye at all. To the word we will note that monitors of computers of new generation are covered with the special film similar to that with which cover "computer" points.

In too time, it isn't capable to prevent completely harmful effects of computer radiation on eyes. Therefore the most right help to the eyes is a periodic rest from watching in the monitor.

Except the computer, the eye illness happens responsible for red eyes, very often. About many of them we wrote earlier, as well as about ways of treatment of reddening because of a number of such diseases.

And there is also one more good reason, why red whites of the eyes. The name of this reason – episklerit.

Episklerit is the disease which is followed by inflammatory process in space between konyyuktivy and sklery.

Danger of this disease is covered that its symptoms are similar to an inflammation of a konyyuktiva of eyes. However, a cause of illness, more often not the infection (as in case of a konyyuktivit), but not healed allergic reactions, the weakened immunity is.

Besides, this disease often develops against system illnesses: red volchanka, rheumatoid arthritis, illness Krone and many other similar diseases.

Considering that the red white of the eyes of the reason and such has, the diseased, often, can not suspect the true reason of reddening of eyes in what danger as the true reason remains unaddressed consists.

As a rule, women are more subject to this disease after 30-35lt.

Is one more popular reason of reddening of eyes – hemorrhage in an eye. This phenomenon represents violation of integrity of walls of vessels. Depending on damage force, the total blindness or insignificant disorder of sight which quickly passes can be an outcome.

There are some types of hemorrhage from the point of view of a blood location:

  1. Skaplivany blood in an eye retina
  2. Skaplivany blood in the forward camera of an eye – a gifema
  3. Skaplivany blood in a vitreous body – gemoftalxm
  4. Skaplivany blood in an eye-socket

Any hemorrhage is followed by gripes in eyes, reddening and feeling of a foreign matter.

Skaplivany blood in an eye retina

Skaplivany blood in a retina of eyes is followed by strong headaches in a temple zone from the affected eye. Visual acuity is lost, before eyes there are "front sights", there is a bloody veil.


The formed blood can spread on all eye – if the patient is in lying situation, or to flow down to a lower eyelid – if the patient costs. Thus, the victim isn't threatened by sight loss, and the formed blood quickly disappears.


In this case, the formed blood has brown color and is localized behind a crystalline lens. The rupture of vessels is the reason of a gemoftalm and it is fraught with total loss of sight if takes place gemoftalxm the full.

At a partial gemoftalm other complications, somehow are possible:

  • peeling of a retina
  • eyeball atrophy

Hemorrhage in an eye-socket

Diseases of blood and vaskulita are the reason of such localization of blood. Externally it is shown pucheglaziy which takes place because of shift of an eyeball. The movement of an eyeball is complicated, sight is broken.

If hemorrhage reminds "points", the skull injury is its reason.

We will remind that, also, reddening of eyes is caused by inflammations of a konyyuktiva, inflammations of skin of eyelids (blefarit) also many other illnesses which in the absence of timely diagnosing and treatments give negative consequences.