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Manicure on long nails

Manicure on long nails

Any manicure is capable to draw attention of people around, but long nails are especially noticeable therefore to look after them and to do beautiful manicure very important. Some consider that long nails are now not really actual, but it is incorrect because big length is capable to change appearance of your hands, having visually extended fingers. For this reason the very many seek to increase length of nails, increasing them and choosing thus the most interesting and stylish options of design.


The manicure with long nails always looks beautifully, especially if to diversify appearance of fingers with beautiful design. Important feature of such manicure is that it shouldn't look vulgarly. The most universal is the monophonic manicure at the big length as it looks very simply, but it is beautiful.

If you have not really long nails, but you want to increase their length, it is possible to make visually extending manicure, for example, a neyl-art with a longitudinal narrow strip. Such design is capable to increase length, it looks very interestingly, but is quite bright therefore it is better if thus only a few marigold is decorated: average and anonymous.

Now the manicure on big length is done by the few as it isn't too convenient and practical. But feature of big length is that it is possible to give vent to the imagination and to diversify nail plates with the most various design. On them it is possible to draw the most unusual patterns, pictures.

Very beautifully on big length the classical French manicure looks.

But nevertheless now in fashion not the maximum length, and only the moderate. She is capable to make the handle more womanly and distinguished. In order that a marigold looked very laconically, it is best of all to give preference to design in light pastel tones with not striking drawings of the small size. One more fashionable feature of manicure it is possible to call that there is an opportunity to give them the most various form, for example, it is possible to choose square or oval. Now the form with slanted edges which are narrowed to top is considered very fashionable. But such option looks very unusually, this shape of nails - a choice of extravagant beauties.

The most courageous is the manicure with a big length of the pointed form. Feature of such manicure is that do it, generally only in light tones, raznoobraziv nails only by pastes or spangles. The design and a shape of nails will depend only on your choice, but it is better to follow at creation of such manicure advice of stylists in order that the form and length of nails caused admiration, but not surprised views.

It is best of all if the design is reserved, but original.

To whom will suit?

The manicure option with long nails will suit not all women. The choice has to depend on your clothes style and on on what event you plan to make such manicure. It is considered the most universal monophonic beige or gentle-pink manicure on big length. It is very stylish and easy performed by design which can be diversified only with an accurate ornament. Also it is fine office option which will be suitable and for business meetings.

Young girls can give preference to more juicy and interesting tones, the manicure of blue ultramarine color very interestingly looks. Also are now very actual wine-colored and dark green an emerald shade. It is smart option of manicure on long nails, but it will approach only in case at you the dresscode is absent from work or if you are going to go to a party.

Try to give preference only to nyudovy tones as they will suit all owners of long nails. If you have nails of big length and a square form, you can give vent to the imagination, and a sharp marigold will be suitable not for each design and not everything, and only excentric ladies.

Also try to select a form and length proceeding from age: it is better for more mature women to give preference to moderate length.

How to look after?

It is necessary to look after long nails especially scrupulously, it is impossible to allow cracklings or partial deleting of a varnish as such shortcomings on long nails will be very obvious and noticeable. Therefore it is best of all to use only qualitative and steady nail varnishes which won't be peeled. Fingers and skin round nails also have to be very well-groomed in order that not it wasn't evident therefore it is necessary to cut off a cuticle accurately. Also obligatory rule on care of long nails is that all of them have to have identical length.

Try to carry very accurately them that they didn't break, differently you should get rid and of other nails that such manicure didn't look strange, or simply to increase the broken nail.

Also important rule on leaving for such nails is strict observance of a form. All nails have to be an identical and equal form therefore it is necessary to file them regularly. Also try to use as much as possible the strengthening means in order that they were not fragile rushed more long. Otherwise you should use gel varnish which will allow to strengthen and keep their length for a long time.

How to give the form?

To create good manicure, it is necessary to give to nails the ideal form. The simplest option is an oval as it is very easy to make such form by means of a nail file, besides, it differs in the universality, after all suits all women, irrespective of age, length and thickness of fingers.

On nails of an oval form it is fine and womanly any design of manicure looks. Now manicurists offer women very interesting novelties. Concerning a form for nails it is the half moon reminding more round form. It perfectly is suitable for those who wants that the manicure looked very accurately, despite length. It is so possible to diversify very interestingly big length, having made thus more interesting design, but having given them the round form.

It is a little more difficult to give the square form, but it is considered the most beautiful option as it can be created only on a long marigold. It is fine option for creation of such design, as the French manicure. Thus it is possible to leave edges sharp or accurately to round off them a nail file. But thus it is important not to go too far, after all differently nails will become not square, but oval.

The most difficult performed by and the most unusual is the pointed option. Such form differs in that sharpen it under a lateral inclination from both parties, and a tip thus round off.

Lack of such form is that is the most impractical option, after all sharp nails will be very fragile and they will be easy to be broken.

After you solve, what shape of nails to you to choose, it will be necessary to get a nail file, scissors, and also special nippers for removal of a cuticle. By means of the last tool you will take away excess skin round a nail, and by means of scissors you will leave necessary length. Thus all tools have to be very sharp and qualitative.

Also giving the form to nails, it is necessary to be used by a nail file correctly. Thus it is best of all to give preference to averages on roughness to tools not to injure nails and to give them the necessary form. A file for nails it is necessary to move only in 1 direction that a marigold didn't exfoliate. Thus the plane of the tool has to be under a nail plate, try to cut not too nails at the edges.

It is very important to do such manicure at good day lighting, using thus only high-quality and professional tools and nail varnishes.

After you carried out all preparatory procedures, you can pass to a covering of nails with varnishes, gel, shellac or to drawing other option of a covering.

Ideas of design

At a design choice the main factor is that the classical manicure has to be combined with something surely: it can be a dress, a handbag or other accessories. Very beautifully the combination of shades of nail varnish or patterns on nail plates with jewelry which you wear on hands looks.

Don't forget that long nails are evident therefore it is necessary to pick up a harmonious combination.

The smart option is to an ombra. Now a fashion trend are prompted that this beautiful manicure is very stylish and actual, especially beautifully it looks on long nails. It means smooth transition from one color to another which looks very gently and romantically, especially if thus are used pastel tone. The beautiful gradient on long nails is very fashionable option which will help to attract a large number of enthusiastic views to your manicure.

To very often long nails the preference is given by brides, doing very interesting wedding manicure on big length. It can be manicure veil or a beautiful service jacket, and also manicure with light geometrical patterns or florets. Such options are very beautiful and gentle, they are perfectly combined with a wedding dress of the bride. Also many women of fashion prefer to choose manicure to match of lipstick as this combination is classical and therefore looks very interestingly. The main thing that it were not too bright colors.

The design of long nails can be diversified with various strazika, busetka, paillettes, glitter, pearls, and also the most various drawings. Juicy images of fruit, berries or sea subject perfectly will be suitable for a summer season. Among women there will be always actual a floristic print which especially advantageously looks on long nails. You can make monophonic light pink manicure, having represented on an anonymous marigold of both hands beautiful scarlet roses. It is very interesting and stylish design.

It is also possible to use for a neyl-art on long nails various abstractions or geometrical prints, but thus it is necessary to know when to stop. For any festive events it is possible to make more elegant festive manicure, having decorated it with interesting drawing. In this case it is already possible to diversify it in brighter flowers, such, as red, green, gold, silver.

The combination red and gold was always actual therefore it is possible to make such design on a wedding, a party or a graduation party.

Also very stylishly and unusually the water manicure which perfectly is suitable for nails of big length looks. It too fine option for a holiday or other celebration. On long nails it is possible to make also volume drawings, for example, large flowers. But it is better if such florets are gentle and pale in order that nails looked is very womanly. Such flowers can be covered with spangles or to decorate them with beautiful green leaves that they became a highlight of your manicure.

Secrets of experts

  • Stylists assure that long nails suit not all girls. But many women nevertheless want to increase length of nails, increasing them. All experts specify that long nails can bring you the mass of inconveniences, but thus if you correctly look after them, they will look very beautifully.
  • Besides, all experts specify that the getting-down and peeled varnish is especially noticeable on nails of big length therefore it is necessary to look after them very carefully. Also they assure that pledge of beautiful manicure on long nails is to what shade you will give preference, after all harmony has to be in everything.
  • All stylists advise to do on long nails manicure only with light shades of varnishes that it looked very elegantly. They recommend to choose beige, gentle-pink, light blue, mint, fialkovy, and also white colors.
  • You shouldn't paint them in one tone with very bright and juicy shade. If you want to diversify manicure, stylists advise to allocate only a few fingers or to draw on them a bright pattern, but not to cover with a bright varnish all nails. Also specialists in manicure specify that length of nails in itself anyway will fix to itself eyes therefore it is necessary to try not to go in cycles in their design, without overloading nails with bright details. The design of your nails has to look elegantly and moderately.
  • It is obligatory that at such manicure there were nails painted by one tone. It is best of all to do it with minimalist design, without representing on them large and bright patterns. Also experts recommend not to paint them with dark varnishes but if you very much want, it is possible to cover nails with one dark deep tone, such as color of a Bordeaux, malachite or dark blue. These refined colors are also capable to add to you feminity and charm.
  • Also all professionals on manicure assure that the big length of nails has one shortcoming: having broken only one nail, you can lose all manicure as so it will look very ugly. For this reason in case your plates thin and lomkmy by nature, and you want big length, it is worth giving preference to building or a covering gel varnish as such option is very durable - the design keeps till 2-3 weeks, besides, gel varnish is capable to strengthen long nails.

How to make beautiful manicure gel a varnish you look in the following video.