Health and beauty » Nail care » Manicure under a blue dress (53 photos): what color of nails will approach under red and black, blue and green, white and pink dresses

Manicure under a blue dress (53 photos): what color of nails will approach under red and black, blue and green, white and pink dresses

Manicure under a blue dress (53 photos): what color of nails will approach under red and black, blue and green, white and pink dresses

Each woman dreams to look in any situation on ideally. The stylish and fashionable manicure will help to finish the chosen image. It is very important that it approached and your dress. Modern women of fashion often forget about this nuance. And after all in trifles your identity will also be shown.


The main task of any manicure is addition of an image. The neyl-art becomes a highlight, a stylish stroke which will help to express your identity. We will consider the main features of manicure under color of a dress:

  • Simplicity and ease. You will be able to create even houses stylish and interesting design which will organically be entered into your order. It is possible to use both a simple monophonic covering, and a creative neyl-art. Everything will depend on your desire, skills. At regular training you will be able to draw not worse, than professional masters.
  • It should be noted that it isn't always worth combining a varnish, for example, with your dress. After all so a marigold can become simple imperceptible and there will be no due effect. It is better to select similar options of a covering. If you wish to apply a shade which will begin to have something in common with a dress tonality, it is worth choosing option one tone lighter or are more dark. If you have a dress with any decor, it is worth applying on a nail plate only one some shade from drawing on it.
  • It is worth turning a view of color of your ringlets or tone terms. Warm cvetotip assumes application of warm colors, and cold – respectively, cold. It doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself in a palette of color. After all the same tone can be both warm, and cold. This manicure will successfully look with any dress and to emphasize your identity.
  • Correctly picked up saturation will allow to receive the graceful organic onions which is in harmony with your image. Also black-and-white tonalities look good. These shades can be entered in clothes of each woman of fashion.
  • The main thing in each nayl-art, including at a choice of color of a dress – sense of proportion. It is better to place one emphasis which will look attractively, will tell about your beauty and taste. Don't apply more than four flowers in a neyl-art. It will unattractively look.
  • If you chose a dress monophonic, to it it is possible to select the most various designs. So you will make a complete image. And here if your dress already bright and colourful, is better to pick up monophonic manicure. It will help to counterbalance all concept of an image.
  • Selecting a neyl-art to any dress It should be noted that it is better to carry out design only on two marigold. Doing it on all fingers, you risk to look ridiculously. It is better that the image was slightly more reserved, than you want.

Ideas of design

Modern experts of a neyl-art offer the most various designs of a marigold which will approach, any dress. You will be able to choose that option which will please you. Of course, the professional master will make the work quickly and qualitatively, having picked up you the necessary style of nails under your dress. However it doesn't mean that you can't make the same. It is only worth stocking up with some abilities, the necessary materials, skill and regularly to practice the skills.

How to create the individual stylish manicure of the house, we will consider slightly below in article. For now we understand, to what dresses it is possible to select what design. We will consider the most popular colors of dresses:

The blue

Blue shade – one of the most popular. Such dresses help to open all depth of your image. Usually put on a long picturesque dress of a similar tonality any solemn event. However the shade and in everyday ensemble is successfully applied. The easy blue dress will always look good.

Respectively, and the neyl-art to such clothes has to be combined with the chosen image organically.

Surely you look at a celebration subject, the direction of a festive event. For example, if you picked up the elegant extended dress to a floor, you shouldn't create too colourful nails.

If you don't conform to this rule, the neyl-art will simply distract from your dress. For example, you with girlfriends decided to go to a disco to night club and put on a short dress, it is possible to create also original option.

For this dress it is possible to choose the most various tonalities of a blue covering. Now are especially fashionable sapphire, ice blue, azure, cornflower-blue, turquoise and many others. If you wish to focus attention on violence of paints, it is possible to use bright varnishes. For example, cover plates in the lemon, yellow, pink, orange color. They will also be successfully in harmony with a blue dress. Thus It should be noted that and with solemn ensembles you shouldn't combine these shades with more business dresses.

Silver and golden tonalities will help to emphasize your luxury. They will successfully emphasize beauty of a dress of blue tone. It is possible to apply as monophonic option, and to make a creative neyl-art. Organically will enter into any ensemble and white nacre. This color will help to create an elegant, modern and gentle image. It is possible to use it independently or to apply in combination with various design.

For showiness of an image it is possible to paint nail plates red color. He will help to create courageous and fatal onions. And the blue dress successfully will add it.

As for design, it is possible to choose any depending on a situation, a dress and a celebration. For example, there is popular a lunar manicure. By the way, it will be relevant and to daily use, and to a solemn party. Such nails look is fashionable and modern. It will be successful to be combined a blue varnish with silver holes or a golden border.

Doesn't leave top of popularity and a gradient art. It always looks attractively and is in harmony with any clothes. It should be noted that this design can be carried out not only a varnish, but also with application of spangles.

One more interesting option – on the hair dryer-shuy. With a blue dress this design will ideally look. The main tonality is, for example, the blue shade, and anonymous and average fingers are painted with a solar-yellow varnish. From the point of view of east wisdom this design will help with love and happiness.

It is impossible to bypass also the French manicure which will look good with a blue dress. It can be executed both in classical option, and with new interesting strokes and shades. For example, you will be able to replace a white varnish any other which organically supplements blue shades of this dress. It is possible to supplement such manicure with pastes, stones. Thus it is important not to be overzealous. You remember, the measure is the most important.

The special attention should be paid to festive events. It is important to pick up such neyl-art which won't be too elaborate, thus will tell about your elegance, style and unsurpassed taste. We will consider, what design will be by the way, for example, for a solemn blue dress:

  • Classics - a service jacket or similar option with a dark blue varnish on the ends of a nail.
  • Gradient with addition of a glitter besides on a tip of a nail plate.
  • Any opaque options of varnishes. It is good to take products even a black or dark gray shade.
  • Design with holes of dark scale. You can paint them with golden or silver shades.
  • The monophonic covering will always be fashionable. It is better to choose scale one tone more dark, than your dress.
  • Perfectly a golden marigold will enter blue evening clothes silvery, nacreous white, and also.

Here some more professional advice who will help you to create the finished image:

  • Don't paint nails in tone of the blue dress. So you will simply lose style. Ideal it is considered tone couple shades more dark / nasыshtennee attires.
  • It is necessary to finish the neyl-art a colourless covering which shines. He will help to create gloss for all image.
  • If you want to place emphasis on nails and you select color of a covering other than tone of a dress, it should be added onions with suitable accessories. They have to be combined with tone of manicure. Then appearance will be perceived by more complete.
  • It is desirable to supplement nails of red color with lipstick of a similar shade. So you will be able to create laconic and attractive onions which will look very advantageously.
  • Better at a combination to a blue dress not to apply excessive quantity the paste and spangles. It can look ridiculously.

It is worth adhering to recommendations of experts, then you gain that effect on which counted.

The red

The product of the similar sated and shouting tone already in itself attracts a look of people around. Respectively, nails have to be in reserved style. The beige or transparent varnish will become excellent option, and from design the service jacket will be ideal.

If nevertheless you prefer to choose red tone and for the marigold, it is better to apply a soft tonality which differs from a dress shade. By the way, experts advise successfully to combine eye shadow with a nail covering.

As for design, it is possible to choose soft shades, a two-color list, transparent pastes. The main thing – not to go too far.

The black

The dress of this shade is present at clothes, apparently, at all women. This shade is perfectly combined with other tones. If you go for official action, it is possible to create a classical service jacket. On a stylish party you will be able to embody lunar manicure as which basis the black shade will be taken. Instead of white it is possible to apply golden or silver.

It is worth remembering if you choose the extended dress, nails have to be corresponding. It will be good if it repeat the line of a cut. They can be sharp or smooth. If you choose a color varnish, select in tone and the costume jewelry corresponding on style. A sure bet – red or white. And here beige tone it is better to postpone for more colourful dresses.

The blue

If you chose a blue tonality of your dress, it is better to apply light shades of a varnish. Combinations to gentle-blue options will well look pastel pink, and also. Will approach a gentle dress and light yellow tone. It is possible to create, for example, the French manicure, chromic nails. It is possible to decorate a nail plate with spangles. Also usual white plates will attractively look.

The green

Green is also widespread shade which is loved by many ladies. The clothes thus can consist of colourful or pastel tonalities. Be not afraid to experiment nails. Nails of red, yellow, violet flowers will optimum approach a green dress. They will optimum look and in brown, emerald shades.

As for design, it is possible to apply any patterns. Combinations green with the white will look especially successfully. If you chose a monophonic dress, it is possible to create a pattern in peas. It is also possible to embody a creative list, an ombra, and their classical can make up simply we run, especially if you go on an official meeting.

The white

If you choose a white dress, be guided as own appearance. Here it is possible to apply practically all possible options of flowers and decors. Creative drawings, applications, a service jacket, pastes, a foil will well look. It is possible to resort and to a monophonic covering. The main thing that everything looked not only naturally, but also is attractive.

The pink

The corresponding scale will approach ensemble of this color, only let colors will be one tone more dark or are lighter. Use of golden colors will become successful option. Make the French design, and instead of a white fringing apply pink tone. Nyudovy combinations will well look. Among design it is possible to choose a gradient which will pass into a contrast color. This shade it is possible to pick up also jewelry. It can be florets or abstraction.


Any shades will be suitable for a dress of this color. If you wish to create a gentle image, it is worth using peach, white tone. It is possible to make creative design in pastel scale, and it is possible to create emphasis on a marigold and to add suitable jewelry. The same scheme works if you decided to put on a cream dress or dairy.

The crimson

To a crimson dress it is possible to pick up covering shades also successfully. For example, the scale which is some tonalities lighter/is more dark, than the main shade of a dress will approach. You can use in the white color, golden, silver.

Doing design, pay special attention to its laconicism. You shouldn't paint all fingers.

Will be several accents enough. So you will give to an image of expressiveness and identity. Successfully the gradient option assuming smooth transition of tonalities will turn out to use applications or pastes.

The silvery

The clothes of this shade will allow to become modern and fashionable at any party. It is good if nails repeat in decor elements this color. It is possible to take as a basis neutral tone or bright shades. Everything will depend on circumstances and on your idea. Don't forget to select suitable jewelry. They will stylishly and successfully add an image.

Combination of flowers

Surely you watch an organic combination of shades in the clothes. If a dress monophonic, it is possible to make the most various design. And here if the dress motley, is better to manage a monophonic covering. For example, the claret dress can supplement a peach, coral, gentle-pink covering. Especially effectively it will look at blondes.

The turquoise dress will echo a golden shade. Also the gray, brown covering will approach. To pick up a varnish – important procedure in an image of each woman. The cornflower-blue attire will supplement a powdery covering or it is possible to apply color of a sea wave in design.

Any shades will approach jeans clothes. The main thing, organically to combine them to feel surely.

How to make in house conditions?

You shouldn't spend the fabulous sums for campaigns in expensive beauty shops to find stylish and graceful manicure which approaches under style of a dress. You will be able to make it independently at home. Thus you shouldn't be upset if from the first at you that you wanted to create doesn't turn out. The difficult design demands special skills, and also patience and time.

For a start it is worth paying attention to a shape of nails. Short will approach any dress, will help to emphasize daily onions. So, for example, the gold or emerald covering which can be added with various decor is suitable for brunettes to a dark blue dress. For fair-haired it is possible to pick up a lime, mint covering. If you want to put on a dress in a floor, it is better that nails were slightly longer.

Initially it is worth choosing color of a dress. It can be your favourite shade. Proceeding from it it is also worth selecting dressing of nails. It is especially important to consider it and on final, after all each girl dreams to make ideal manicure under an evening dress. Also the pedicure is also important. The design of nails can have something in common on hands and feet. It will help to create the uniform concept of style.

To an orange dress it is possible to pick up monophonic manicure, and it is possible to embody interesting design in the form of a mosaic with color of powder, a fuchsia, khaki, solar yellow and other shades.

To a long light lilac dress it is possible to make the French manicure. Don't forget to process a marigold initially properly. They have to be beautiful and the correct form. Only after that it is possible to pass to a covering.

That it was convenient to draw, it is possible to get a thin brush in specialized shops. By means of it you will be able to embody all the imaginations. And here by means of a dots it is possible to put down equal points accurately. They will also help with drawing up creative design. At the initial stage it is possible to resort to a simple decor. Then, when you will practise, you will be able to draw more difficult pictures.

It is also possible to resort to small cunnings and, for example, to get various materials for a stemping. By means of these subjects you will be able to transfer with ease the necessary drawings to your nail plate. It is also possible to use translated stickers. They are also easily applied on a nail, and the design turns out fashionable and interesting. The main thing to show patience and each time at you it will turn out better and better.

Professional advice

Each woman wants to be bright and irresistible, to draw attention of an opposite sex. The manicure under color of a dress can tell of your identity also. Experts of the industry of beauty advise as a basis to take one or several tones. You shouldn't apply more than four flowers in manicure.

It is possible to give preference in this season to lacy design. It is simply to make it even in house conditions, and it looks very effectively and stylishly. Such neyl-art will approach a white, black dress, and also ensembles of other tones. Beautiful color of mint and Marsala hold the leading place of popularity in this season. Thus experts advise not to be overzealous with a saturation of color.

To lemon color it is possible to pick up contrast shoes and to make the corresponding tone manicure. It is possible to make a menthol covering or to embody the French design. It is better not to combine a silver dress with defiant tones. If you have brilliant and bright material, choose an opaque covering.

Also experts advise to acquire cosmetics and devices for manicure only in professional shops. After all will also depend on quality of goods, whether you will reach desirable effect. Besides now it is possible to come across fakes. And it not only will spoil mood, but also won't allow to achieve desirable results.

We considered how to create manicure under color of a dress. Now you will be able in house conditions independently to embody the ideas and to create the fashionable onions. But you remember that in everything the measure is important.

In the following video - design of nails under a blue dress.