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Pedicure at the sea

Pedicure at the sea

There comes the summer, the season of holidays comes, and girls change in an anticipation of rest and a trip at the sea. The beach clothes – according to fashionable tendencies of the current year are updated. To replace strict office style which concerns not only clothes, but also appearance, bright and rich colors come. Girls all the appearance seek to show that they gather for rest, even doing a special pedicure at the sea. Dressing of nails during the summer period (especially in case it is about a trip at the sea) has the features. It is necessary to consider also fashionable trends. At the sea it is necessary to understand subtleties of a summer pedicure most in detail.


There is a lot of options of decoration of nails. Masters of a neyl-art recommend not to constrain the imagination and imagination. It isn't necessary to be afraid to be bright and original, after all rich colors of a varnish on nails in advantageous light will shade suntanned skin. Make courageous decisions, carry out experiments, and the received result surely will please you.

Experts of a neyl-art recommend as a covering for a pedicure at a trip for the sea to use gel varnish. Such decorative covering differs in the increased stability: to it sand, and also sea salty water isn't terrible. You will be able to float and luxuriate on a hot sand, without worrying about a condition of the nails. Gel will sustain any loadings. The condition of a covering remains excellent, as after visit of beauty shop.


The main tendency in design of nails — this cruise travel and rest in the tropical resort therefore the color palette and patterns have to correspond to this subject.

It is possible to refer the following decisions to the most popular ideas of a sea pedicure:

  • Choosing pastel shades, try to combine at the same time two tones – and thus to keep unity of style. You can place emphasis on a thumb, having emphasized it with a stone or pastes. But it isn't necessary to be zealous too in creation of glamourous chic.
  • At popularity peak pink colors: from a bright and juicy shade to the constrained and muffled tone. It is possible to emphasize nails standing by means of the French pedicure or having used an ornament as ornament.
  • If you love bright colors, then safely cover nails with such varnish, going at the sea. The main thing governed — to combine similar colors with golden or silver tone.
  • The pedicure executed in citrus style and assuming application of various shades of orange and bright yellow flowers will excellently look on the sea coast.
  • Neon or acid color schemes will help you to be allocated from crowd, and also will emphasize the acquired suntan. You can pick up such shade which will shine in a disco or a beach party. The only restriction — such options will be suitable for youth style more. If you prefer quieter image, then it is better to give preference to other varnishes.
  • Use for design fruit motives — elements of a kiwi, a water-melon, orange, raspberries or melons now are at popularity peak. To make such drawing, it will be required to you gel varnishes, the creating glossy surface or opaque enamel.
  • The mirror pedicure which cornerstone the technology of application of a foil is (the special, but not food foil is used), doesn't give in in a rating of fashionable and stylish decisions. Various experiments are allowed: color inserts or volume elements from a foil, and not just classical golden or silvery color.
  • Be not afraid to create a rainbow on nails, covering them in various flowers. If you add small elements from gold or silver, receive a distinguished and elegant image.
  • The beautiful and natural pedicure in Nude style doesn't become less popular. Application of a colourless varnish will allow to emphasize natural beauty of a nail plate. As ornament it is possible to draw accurate florets or to decorate nails stones.

Be not afraid to seem the child and to make a pedicure in peas or in the form of a ladybug. It is possible to decorate a nail plate with simple florets. Elements of children's style also in fashion in the current season, besides such covering it is possible to make independently, in house conditions.

Recommendations and councils

That the covering held on more long (and you hadn't to look for urgently the master for correction implementation), choose a qualitative varnish. The optimum decision — this use of shellac or gel varnish, they with ease stick to 2-3 weeks, and in perfect tune (even in case you actively swim in the sea).

When the covering is put, try not to carry footwear with the closed sock and try to avoid contact with water in the first 12 hours. So you prevent early peeling of a surface.

Don't forget about special care of feet during the summer period. Try to apply oil on a cuticle and a nail periodically. Apply means to moistening which part fragrances and synthetic fragrances as they are capable to damage a gel covering aren't.

Trend tendencies of summer of 2017

If you want to be in a trend that your summer pedicure corresponded to fashionable tendencies, then adhere to the main rule — the minimum quantity of intricate patterns. It is better to give preference to bright flowers.

At peak of popularity there are translated drawings, patterns in the form of geometrical figures and stamps. From polymer it is better to wait a little with volume products (or to minimize their application).

If you stopped the choice in abstract drawings, then don't limit flight of the imagination. You can realize the most daring ideas and ideas, having made creative, non-standard and original registration of a nail plate.

The opaque covering found the supporters and in registration of nails during summer holiday. In this case it is better to avoid excess experiments with various combinations of shades. It is worth stopping the choice on one color and to issue them all nails standing, and as ornament it is possible to use some stones, having arranged them on a thumb.

Shape of nails

If you deliberate over to what shape of nails to give preference, consider that in a summer season there is no accurate framework and restrictions. Select a form, being guided by features of your foot. Classical option is the oval form, and also a square with the soft rounded edges.

If you the extravagant and extraordinary person, then can give to your nail plate the pointed form. Such outlines will look with sandals high-heeled or hairpins, but not with beach slippers better.

Trend color scale

For a summer sea pedicure of the current 2017 there is actual such color palette:

  • bright red and claret;
  • golden and silvery;
  • orange and shade of sand;
  • turquoise and greenish;
  • blue and violet.

Again there were popular varnishes differing in nacreous shine. The traditional combination of black and white shades also doesn't stop being the actual.

Neyl-stilisty give preference to a green-blue color palette in registration of nails for beach rest. Are present various turquoise, mint, lime tone. They can be both bright and saturated, and quiet, gentle shades.

Rather recently appeared type of gradient transition (a covering in style to an ombra) becomes gradually more popular. Especially such covering on a beach will be interesting to look. In a trend vertical and horizontal modulations, shades can be the most different – for example, greenish-yellow, orange-red, blue-blue.

Patterns and drawings

Drawings and unusual patterns didn't stop being actual as they are capable to show identity and eccentricity of the woman.

Trend drawings of a summer pedicure:

  1. Among patterns leopard motives, peas and stripes don't stop being actual. Is popular not only classical performance of leopard prints. Today many choose non-standard color schemes. Peas can be also executed in various sizes.
  2. Having stopped the choice in black-and-white abstract drawings and patterns, you will definitely not lose.
  3. Flower motives will be actual not only on the sea coast, but also at home.

Hands and feet

If was a sign of a bad form to have the manicure and a pedicure executed in different styles earlier, this summer all ban is withdrawn. Neyl-stilisty seek for manifestation of identity and originality in registration of nails. The remarkable stylish decision — is an identical pattern on the differing backgrounds on hands and feet. Ultramodno ideas of lunar and French design decisions will look.

Pay attention to a covering of a nail plate standing, having made an original and bright pedicure at the sea – and you will be able to stand out on a beach beautiful and well-groomed nails.

In the following video - a pedicure lesson in sea style.