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For what reasons there are gripes in eyes, treatment and prevention of a problem

For what reasons there are gripes in eyes, treatment and prevention of a problem Gripes in eyes – a popular symptom of the modern person.

Especially that person, which life it is inseparably linked with information technologies. But it is not the only reason of this trouble.

Of course, there is also a treatment of gripes in eyes which consists in elimination of unpleasant feelings and the reason which induced discomfort.

When hurts the eyes, it is difficult to concentrate on work performance, a choice of products in shop and to communicate – the mood isn't present.

Hurts the eyes: reasons and treatment

For what reasons there are gripes in eyes, treatment and prevention of a problem

What can provoke so popular symptom?

The gripes reasons in eyes – a set – for fatigue to serious eye illnesses. Except, feelings of gripes as governed, reddening of eyes is noted, there are noticeable capillaries. Each person though once, I had such feeling and knows how it is important to find out the reason and to begin treatment.

The most popular reasons of gripes in eyes:

  1. Fatigue. Long work with documents, reading books, collection of information and such other – all this conducts to visual overfatigue, the gripes in eyes are as a result felt.
  2. Syndrome of a dry eye. This "fashionable" state which is peculiar everything who spends much time in front of the computer and the TV. In the course of "communication" with the computer and the TV, the user very seldom blinks because of what eyes are insufficiently moistened.
  3. Carrying contact lenses. Pretty often, those who carries lenses, complain of gripes in eyes. Such phenomenon is possible, and irrespective of the cost of lenses. As a rule, the discomfort in eyes is felt from too rigid lenses or not correctly picked up.
  4. Incorrectly chosen glasses. If the doctor wrote out the "wrong" points, carrying them comes to an end with gripes in eyes because eyes are strained all the time.
  5. Allergic reactions. Eyes – very sensitive body and skin round it – too. Therefore if the cosmetics is picked up incorrectly, or it is incorrectly used, contains allergens and so on – gripes in eyes, it is inevitable and can be still the most "tender" side effect of its application.
  6. Hit of foreign matters. During the summer period, to much it is familiar when during walk and, especially, during an outdoor recreation, various insects overcome. If eyes very sensitive, on the got insect they react gripes and reddening.
  7. Long contact with chemicals. That this reason was actual, at all not necessarily is on chemical production. It is rather wrong to use household chemicals, laundry detergents that can cause gripes in eyes. Moreover, contact with chemistry can become the reason of development of inflammatory diseases of eyes and burns.
  8. Neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve. This illness can arise because of draft, stay on a strong wind and so on. Also, neuralgia can be a consequence or accompany some diseases of eyes. Simply to distinguish neuralgia. Besides gripes, people oshchushchaye6t eye pains, in a mouth and on all person.
  9. Inflammatory diseases of eyes. first of all, the gripes in eyes provoke conjunctivitis of any origin. It is one of its first symptoms. Also, it can be keratit also other inflammatory diseases. In this case, besides gripes, hypostases, reddenings of eyes, the strengthened dacryagogue, the photophobia sometimes raised are noted.
  10. Diseases of eyelids. Uveit, blefarit – often become provokers of gripes in eyes which is followed by dacryagogue and a photophobia.
  11. Demodeks. The hypodermic tick of Demodeks "lives" in hair sacks of eyelashes and against stresses, experiences, the reduced immunity and other causes – is activated, affecting eyes. Except gripes, in this case reddening a century, formation of rash and other takes place.
  12. Infectious and viral diseases. Often such diseases as herpes, measles, flu become the gripes reasons in eyes which is followed by pain, reddening and other feelings.