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What to do if there was a black eye how to treat and how to disguise

What to do if there was a black eye how to treat and how to disguise The black eye from blow can arise, and maybe from sleeplessness. Is the reasons causing blue under eyes which doesn't decorate in any way much. With such "frame" even the most magic eyes look far not in the best way.

To all there is a decision and this problem – too! Ways and remedies for bruises of different degree it isn't less, than the reasons of their defiant. This house and drug treatment, prevention and leaving.

There was a black eye how to treat

What to do if there was a black eye how to treat and how to disguise The developed bruise will please is nobody the fact! But also he doesn't deserve a panic, for what reason wouldn't appear.

We will remind that as can be the reasons of emergence of bruises not only external damages, and and diseases of internals, stresses and other, and treatment to be selected proceeding from it. And that it was effective, it is necessary to direct treatment on elimination of the reason.

So, if the black eye appeared because of internal problems, it is necessary to pass full inspection then drug treatment by the doctor will be picked up.

If has to include shadows under the eyes, this consequence of a stress, sleeplessness, excessive tension of nervous system, then treatment:

  • Reception of vitamin and mineral preparations, in particular vitamins of group B and magnesium;
  • Normalization of a dream and food;
  • Organization of high-quality rest;
  • Nightly physical exercise.

This program has to become a way of life to warn the similar phenomena.

If the black eye is a consequence of a rough night party, then the first action – reception of "cocktail" from soluble vitamin C and aspirin and a compress from tea bags.

It is also good to make massage round eyes with use of olive or almond, or garnet oil and ice. That is: to apply on skin round eyes it is a little oil the driving-in movements. Then, cubes of walk ice on massage lines then to repeat massage by fingers.

Such procedure not only will promote elimination of shadows under the eyes, and and will remove hypostases, will humidify and will protect skin.

And still, reception of sorbents before a party or after it will become a good habit. It minimizes toxic impact of a smoke and alcohol on an organism.

Bruises because of an allergy are eliminated with an exception of allergens, reception of special preparations which reduce sensitivity of an organism to a number of products. It is also necessary to conduct examination of a liver, after all often malfunctions in work of this body can do an organism susceptible to environment and products.

If it is a black eye from blow, then its treatment assumes use of special ointments and folk remedies.

Unlike bruises which developed for other reasons and represent thinning and dryness of gentle skin under eyes which illuminates vessels, bruises from blows is the bruise formed as a result of a rupture of vessels. Respectively and treatment of such bruises slightly different.

So, for elimination of bruise it is necessary to tone up vessels (application of cold) and to promote a hematoma rassasyvaniye (application of heat). For this purpose both folk remedies, and pharmaceutical can be used.

That treatment successful it was necessary to trace reaction of an organism to procedures. If bruises don't pass a long time – it is necessary to pay visit to the doctor. In the course of consultation it is necessary to describe all the actions and to report about the preparations used in treatment.

As a rule, bruises of any origin are pliable to medical actions and pass quickly enough. Therefore, already in the course of treatment it is possible to define correctness of the chosen medical measures and preparations.