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What is keratit an eye why it arises as it is defined and treated

What is keratit an eye why it arises as it is defined and treated Eyes – unique body. Its structure is the whole certain world filled with information. For example, the eye raduzhka – it defines color of eyes.

At each person she has different structure, it is worth looking narrowly.

But the world this, very vulnerable – defects, pathologies, infections – all this is capable to turn an eye into a big problem.

For example, keratit eyes it is fraught with sight loss. And – there is a lot of such dangerous diseases.

Keratit eyes: that it, reasons, diagnostics and ways of treatment

What is keratit an eye why it arises as it is defined and treated Keratit eyes is an infectious inflammatory disease of a cornea of an eye.

– there is a lot of reasons inducing this illness, as well as it is a lot of kinds of the disease.

The most popular reasons of a keratit:

  • Viral, fungal, elementary infections
  • Diseases: herpes, konyyuktivit and blefarit – especially dangerous
  • Illiterate and long carrying contact lenses, carrying low-quality lenses
  • Allergic reactions and manifestations of illnesses
  • Injuries of a cornea of an eye of different degree
  • Fotokeratita (occupational disease of welders, workers of a physical office)
  • The hypo - and avitaminosis of B1, B2, PP, D vitamins
  • Violation of a momentum transfer (innervation) 1vetvi trigeminal nerve

Depending on a location of an infection, a keratita happen superficial and internal.

The superficial keratit – is followed by damage by an epithelium and a boumenovy membrane.

The internal keratit is followed by penetration of an inflammation into inside layers of a retina of an eye, somehow: Strom, distsemetov membrane.

Besides such classification, keratita of eyes divide on central, peripheral, limited and diffusion, from the point of view of an inflammation location.

As keratit an eye is followed by cataract, distinguish extents of turbidity which speak about neglect of an illness. So, exist treelike, monetovidny and dot turbidity.

Depending on what reason became the provoker of a disease, there are following forms of a keratit:

  • The endogenous – the form of a keratit caused by such chronic infectious diseases as syphilis, tuberculosis, herpes. Also such form of a keratit violations of exchange processes in an organism quite often cause, autoimmune diseases, allergies, rheumatic diseases.
  • The exogenous form of a keratit is provoked by viral, fungal, bacterial infections. As a rule, this illness of eyes is caused by protozoa. Besides, this form of a keratit is provoked by eye diseases, for example, konyyuktivit. Also, not healed injuries and injuries of eyes, diseases of plaintive tubules.
  • Akantamebny keratit can arise because of the wrong carrying low-quality contact lenses.
  • The allergic keratit arises because of not healed allergies and the reduced immunity. Is followed by an inflammation and turbidity of a cornea of an eye.

Symptoms of a keratit

The most obvious symptoms of this illness is the following:

  1. The pain in an eyeball which is followed by plentiful dacryagogue. Visual acuity violation takes place. Because of appeared qzvochek and infiltrates, the discomfort is felt. Reddening of eyes.
  2. Mucous and purulent allocations are frequent.
  3. The involuntary smykaniye of eyelids (blefarospazm) taking place because of reduction of a circular muscle of an eye. There are disorders of sensitivity of a cornea of an eye, new capillaries in fabric are formed (vaskulyarization).
  4. The mixed or perikornealny injection of vessels of an eye.
  5. The epithelium of a cornea becomes rough, without characteristic gloss with possible flaking that conducts to loss of transparency of a cornea. To all other, erosion are formed.

Along with it, the saved fabrics can be, both multiple, and single a different form and color (as a rule, yellow or gray) that depends on quality of cages.

The location of congestions can be partial or full (can fill all cornea).

How diagnostics of a keratit is carried out?

First of all inspection at the ophthalmologist is performed. A visual acuity inspection is without fail carried out. It is also obligatory vыvorot a century regarding definition of a foreign matter.

Further the following diagnostics is made:

  • survey of eyes under a microscope (biomicroscopy)
  • coloring of a cornea fluoristsiny for definition of a damage rate of a cornea
  • sensitivity to pain and degree of pain is defined.

In addition, if considerable inflammations take place, survey at the ENT SPECIALIST and the stomatologist is appointed to be convinced of lack of an inflammation in appropriate authorities.

If keratit an eye has an endogenous origin, in addition inspection is performed by the therapist, the gynecologist, the rheumatologist and so on.

In completion of survey, the doctor appoints analyses: bakposev, blood test the general, fluorography and so on.

How to treat there is a treatment of a keratit

After diagnostics and establishment of the reason, a form and degree of a disease, the general and local treatment is appointed. That is, treatment includes intramuscular injections, the use of tablets and an instillation of eyes drops.

Depending on weight of an illness, preparations can be appointed steroid (hormonal), nonsteroid, antibiotics.

The diet rich with Omega3 fatty acids is in addition appointed. Vitamin therapy of group B and C is surely appointed.

The complex of medical actions comes to the end only after an absolute recovery and the greatest possible restoration of a cornea of an eye.

We will remind that the timely appeal to professional medical assistance is a pledge of successful and fast recovery.