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That the miopiya and an astigmatism of eyes, their reasons, signs and methods of treatment represents

That the miopiya and an astigmatism of eyes, their reasons, signs and methods of treatment represents The astigmatism of eyes is how many a disease, how many pathology which can be created at any person at any age. The phenomenon it has some reasons of emergence, symptomatology and rules of diagnosing.

The fragile visual body, is very often subject to a miopiya – sight violation. As well as the previous pathology, a miopiya happens congenital, has the symptomatology and rules of diagnosing. Both illnesses will respond to treatment which is selected individually.

Astigmatism of eyes: reasons, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment

That the miopiya and an astigmatism of eyes, their reasons, signs and methods of treatment represents Astigmatism of eyes – pathology of a crystalline lens and cornea because of which there is the wrong refraction of the directed beams (impossibility of focusing of beams in one point). As a result, the person sees not accurately and, as a rule, in a wrong way.

The astigmatism happens two forms:

  • The congenital
  • The acquired

Congenital astigmatism – violation of spherical system of an eye which happens even in pre-natal development of the kid. But this pathology only by two years of life of the child is diagnosed. Throughout all this time, pathology has no an effect therefore it is diagnosed late in any way and is treated hardly.

The acquired astigmatism – as a rule, is a consequence of incorrectly performed surgeries in the eyes. Because of it scarring of fabrics begins.

The astigmatism happens three types:

  • Short-sighted astigmatism – visible subjects are indistinctly looked through in a long distance.
  • Far-sighted astigmatism – visible subjects are indistinctly looked through at a short distance.
  • The mixed astigmatism – visible subjects from any distance are looked through not accurately, vaguely, sometimes in a wrong way.

Astigmatism reasons

  • Pre-natal violations of development of visual body can induce this pathology. As a result the congenital form of an illness takes place.
  • Various eye diseases, especially what demanded expeditious surgical intervention.
  • Often, eyes can provoke violations of spherical system: the increased arterial pressure which almost constantly accompanies the person and diabetes.
  • Illiterate therapy of the main disease

The astigmatism has the symptomatology which is a little similar to symptomatology of many other eye diseases. And therefore often the diagnosis is made not truly, drugs incorrectly are selected. Not less often, pathology remains unaddressed that conducts to development of squint and essential decrease in sight.

Main symptoms of an astigmatism are as follows:

  • Headache.
  • Gripes in eyes, small reddening of mucous membranes.
  • Indistinct sight, the distortion seen (horizontal lines can normally refract, and vertical can blur and vice versa).
  • Increased fatigue of eyes.
  • Black points before eyes can seem.

As a rule, the astigmatism is accompanied by short-sightedness (the complicated sight afar) and far-sightedness (the complicated image close).

Astigmatism symptoms at children of different age:

  • Frequent zazhmurivaniye of eyes.
  • During reading books, viewing of drawings – the child very close holds the book to eyes.
  • Sitting at the computer and in front of the TV – doesn't observe a distance, and to sit down most close to the screen.
  • The child quickly is tired and often complains of headaches.

As it is correct to diagnose an illness

Having noticed the very first possible signs of an astigmatism, especially at children, it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist urgently. Except simple survey, the doctor performs inspection by means of tools and the special equipment.

Hardware and tool diagnostics is refractometry – computer inspection of optical function of eyes. Allows to investigate an eye to trifles, to distinguish a type of an astigmatism and the reason.

Laboratory research is without fail conducted. This way consists in studying of biomaterial regarding studying of flora of an eye. It will help to establish, whether the astigmatism of a virus origin that happens not seldom is.

How to treat an astigmatism of eyes?

Treatment of an astigmatism is appointed proceeding from a stage of a course of an illness. As this pathology is diagnosed with delay, frequent the best way of treatment – is a surgery.

To a number of operational measures of treatment of the started astigmatism forms, belong:

  • Correction of sight by means of carrying specially chosen glasses.
  • Correction of sight by means of the lenses which are previously picked up. (At an astigmatism any lenses won't approach, in this case they are selected individually).
  • Laser correction of sight at an astigmatism – the microoperation which is carried out under control of computer programs and systems.
  • The surgery (keratotomniya) – is appointed only in that case when other treatment didn't render due effect. The sense of operation consists that on a cornea cuts do, than poslablyat it. It improves sight.

Except such treatment, at a timely and not heavy astigmatism, traditional medicine and gymnastics for eyes gives good effect.

Traditional medicine prescribes patients to increase reception of fresh sweet cherry, juice from bilberry berries, as well as berries. It is very important that at food of the patient there were vitamins A, With and Century.

Compresses are applied to removal of fatigue from eyes from tea, leaves of bilberry and other herbs.

As for gymnastics at an astigmatism, it is directed on looking at subjects in different conditions. For example, for training of fixing of object on a retina of eyes, it is necessary to take any subject (for example, the handle) and to remove it from itself on centimeters forty. Now it is necessary to concentrate some time the look on this subject. To distract on anything – is impossible. It is necessary to carry out such exercise for 20 minutes daily, several times a day