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For what reasons the child rubs eyes, scratches, they sour and suppurate

For what reasons the child rubs eyes, scratches, they sour and suppurate Having noticed that the child scratches eyes, careful parents start panicking. They look for the reasons, are interested as far as it can be dangerous. Are set by search of means and ways as to prevent it.

The similar situation occurs when eyes at the child sour, pus in corners of eyes is formed. For the solution of all these manifestations – there are effective ways which are checked for years.

Why the child rubs eyes and than to wash out?

For what reasons the child rubs eyes, scratches, they sour and suppurate Considering the matter, the age is of great importance. The child rubs eyes and at the earliest age and already, being we will honor with the teenager.

For example, the least kids can rub eyes before going to bed. And here children are more senior, eyes because of fatigue, allergies and so on can rub.

The most popular reasons for which the child scratches eyes:

  1. Fatigue. Kids at any age the active. And than the kid becomes more senior, especially various are his movements, ways of knowledge of the world. Therefore, by the end of day, as a rule, activity of the kid decreases. He feels fatigue, wants to sleep. And by means of rippling of eyes, as if signals about the desire – to parents. "Occupation" it lasts long not.
  2. Insufficient and defective dream. If the kid a little it is also disturbing sleeps, he hasn't a rest, properly. Therefore after awakening, the kid some time to rub eyes. As a rule, it quickly passes.
  3. Imbalance in a day regimen. For example, change of time zones, visit of relatives or various actions and so on.
  4. Allergy. This phenomenon can arise at any age. The most dangerous, from the point of view of an allergy, the period is the period of active blossoming of various plants. Eyes can itch before the termination of contact with allergen and washing of eyes clear water.
  5. Hit in an eye of foreign matters. When children become active participants of "life" in a sandbox, start walking on the street independently – cases of hit of sand and small motes in eyes aren't rare. Natural reaction of an eye – dacryagogue and an itch that forces the child to scratch eyes. In this case, this action can be the cause of development of conjunctivitis therefore the child it is necessary to accustom, not to touch eyes dirty and to take care of that the child always had near at hand napkins.
  6. Beginning of development of a disease. Often the kid scratches eyes when starts getting sick. It can be reaction to hit in an organism of a virus and/or infection. Diseases can be different – from a sharp respiratory infection, to conjunctivitis, a blefarit and other eye diseases.
  7. Quantity of drink. Surplus, as well as a lack of liquid of an organism can provoke an itch of eyes. Therefore if the child against normal health who isn't giving in to an allergy and normally sleeping often scratches eyes, it is worth paying attention to its drink and a diet – in general.
  8. Reception of medicines. Some preparations can give collateral reaction in the form of an itch of eyes. Therefore if drug intake and a constant pochesyvaniye of eyes – coincide, it is necessary to withhold drug intake and to consult with the doctor.
  9. Sharp change of lighting from darkness – in bright lighting, often forces children to scratch eyes.
  10. Dakriotsistit – impassability of plaintive channels. Often this pathology congenital and many kids suffer from discomfort which it brings. In this case the child not only scratches eyes, and and can complain of pain.

Anyway, if you note that the child constantly scratches eyes and, thus, they redden, water – it is necessary to address to the oculist. Only the good expert will conduct competent examination and will pick up drugs.

Than to wash out eyes to the child?

To eliminate discomfort after hit in eyes of a foreign matter, to remove stress after long stay on the sun or in front of the TV, to remove manifestations of allergic reaction and many other – washing from tea tea leaves, broth of herbs, potassium permanganate solution will help.

Also usual warm boiled water can be used. Having chosen, than to wash out eyes to the child, it is possible to start procedure.

How to wash out eyes to the child?

  1. After water procedures to calm the kid and to put him on a diaper. If the child is more senior, it is possible to put him on a chair with a soft back.
  2. In a vessel to pour boiled water or tea tea leaves. If disinfection is necessary – it is worth using water with potassium permanganate. Any chosen "washing" has to be warm.
  3. To moisten a gauze tampon (wadded tampons aren't suitable for these purposes as fibers from cotton wool can get to eyes and only aggravate situation) and to wash out the closed eyes in liquid, paying attention to corners in which slime and litter gathers.
  4. By means of a pipette to wash out an eyeball. It is better not to use water with potassium permanganate for these purposes. And here weak tea tea leaves – perfectly will approach. To gather the chosen liquid in a pipette, to remove a little an eyelid and in a corner of an eye to dig liquid. This stage can seem painful for the child, but the discomfort will pass quickly therefore you shouldn't worry.
  5. To finish procedure by wiping of eyes the napkin moistened in clear water.

After washing, it is desirable that the kid lay blindly not less than half an hour or at least minutes ten. Best of all it will turn out before going to bed.