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Than antimony is useful to eyes and as there is a treatment of eyes folk remedies

Than antimony is useful to eyes and as there is a treatment of eyes folk remedies Antimony for eyes is the most useful means for a make-up of eyes. The natural "paint" which is traditionally used by east and Arab women reached and up to now. Antimony adequately competes with industrial cosmetics. Moreover, is a remedy for eyes.

And here Slavic women, in the medical purposes used honey for eyes. This curative product was applied not only to removal of fatigue from eyes, and and to treatment of a number of diseases. Of course, it not the only folk remedy used and modern people for the health.

Antimony for eyes: the most useful make-up

Than antimony is useful to eyes and as there is a treatment of eyes folk remedies Mesten, stem, stibium – for 3000let BC and antimonium, sürmä – from 12-14 centuries AD – all this various names of antimony – popular cosmetic of a natural origin. Antimony for eyes was used for "blackening" of eyebrows, eyelashes and a contour round eyes.

Antimony – traditional means for care of eyes. Thanks to the curative properties, it was used by men for protection of eyes against the hot sun of the desert. Also it was applied on eyes and to children for the purpose of strengthening of health of eyes and protection against a malefice.

What is the antimony, and what types it exist?

Antimony is a natural substance with a large number of the painting pigment, mainly black color.

Antimony and as an element of the table of Mendeleyev in which it is semi-metal is known to us.

Antimony which is used for a decor of eyes, is extracted from plants. For example, in Ancient Greece, antimony was extracted from a mineral "mock" with what the name of this substance is connected.

In India the substance it was got by burning of a certain grade of a cactus (juice of this cactus impregnated fabric, dried it then burned) and the cloths processed by paste from a santalaceous tree.

And here in camps of North Africa, often antimony was extracted from a galenite (lead sulfide). Such product not the most useful to health, is capable to collect in an organism in the form of carcinogens and slowly to poison an organism.

As for the present, antimony is different production, including made from a galenite with addition of soot, oils and pitches.

What types of antimony exist?

Kadzhal, kaql if (Kajal, kohl, kuhl) are kinds of antimony which can be met in shops today. Offer this product in shops of the Indian goods.

Happens I kadzhat traditional, white and color, in the form of powder, a pencil, a cone and in a tin jar.

Besides, the product differs in structure:

  • Antimony for eyes with oils of almonds, camphor, a sandal-wood tree. Such product has very soft consistence, it is good to lay down on skin of eyelids, doesn't spread and doesn't give in to natural rainfall. It is offered in the form of a cone, a pencil and in a tin box.
  • Antimony with oil of almonds, basmy. This type of a product is used for a bright festive make-up. There is it in the form of a pencil or a cone. Except an eyeliner, is suitable for "blackening" of eyebrows and even eyelashes.
  • Antimony powder. It is the most traditional product which is put with the wooden stick impregnated with oil. Powder is delivered in a glass jar or in a special paper bag, sometimes in a box. Treatment of eyes is used for the night for leaving also.

How to use antimony?

To use eye shadow antimony, it is necessary to impose accurately it a special stick shovel on a contour of eyes. It is possible to lead round an eye completely, trying to make it an almond-shaped form. And it is possible to draw arrows, having used kadzhaly in the form of a pencil.

Applying powder, you shouldn't worry that it can be showered. During drawing, excess of powder will gather in corners of eyes and it can be removed.

After process of putting antimony is complete, between eyelashes there will be no sites of white skin. Thanks to it the effect of "a natural eyeliner" is reached, eyes look very expressively.

How to delete antimony from eyes?

To remove this paint also simply, as well as any cosmetic product. Antimony is easily washed away by oil, a skin, means for removal of cosmetics and soap.

Advantages of use of antimony before cosmetic pencils and eyeliners:

  • Improvement, care of eyes, prevention of eye diseases, removal of fatigue and tension from eyes.
  • Safety. Children can use quality antimony without sulfides of lead even of two months.
  • Profitability, especially powder.
  • Lack of an expiration date.
  • Suits all. Antimony can be applied not only women, and and men, children.
  • It is possible to apply not only to a contour of eyes, and and to eyelashes, eyebrows.
  • Simplicity of application and removal.
  • Antimony for eyes is steady against tears and natural rainfall, it is possible to swim in the sea and to swim in the pool.
  • Available cost. An estimated cost of the powder of quality antimony made in India – 1,5 dollars.

Use of antimony is opportunity to do a beautiful make-up which fixes eyes, favourably emphasizes beauty and at the same time looks after eyes, does healthy not only skin of eyelids, and and eyes.