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Why there are red eyes, the main reasons, ways of treatment and prevention

Why there are red eyes, the main reasons, ways of treatment and prevention Red eyes – one of the popular phenomena in health of the modern person. And it not only because of technical progress. Dynamics of life demands from the person of the maximum working capacity. Not everyone is capable "to battle" to requirements of life and withdraws.

But it is possible and to stand if constantly to watch over health and to increase quality not only working process, result, and and rest and, of course, food. It concerns also children and adults of each age category isn't dependent on employment.

Red eyes: reasons and consequences

Why there are red eyes, the main reasons, ways of treatment and prevention Why red eyes such frequent phenomenon? Why it takes place not only at adults, and and at children? Many similar questions arise. Not less answers to them can be given.

So, if you noted that your eyes reddened – it is worth establishing the reason of this manifestation.

Popular reasons of reddening of eyes

Reddening of eyes can arise because of fatigue and tension of eyes: computer, lack of a dream, adverse climatic conditions. And also, eyes can redden because of development of eye diseases.

  1. Konyyuktivit. "A pink eye" or konyyuktivit is an inflammation of a conjunctiva. Konyyuktiva – the transparent mucous membrane covering internal part of an eyelid and external part skler. "Pink eyes" is quite widespread state, especially among children of school age. As there are some types of conjunctivitis, it is important to address in due time to the doctor who will define a state and will pick up treatment.
  2. Blefarit. The widespread disease of eyelids causing peelings of eyelids and often is followed by an inflammation from what eyes redden. It is a common problem, as at children, and adults. The disease brings discomfort, but not always disturbs sight.
  3. Uveit. An inflammatory disease which is followed by pain and reddening of eyes. besides, sight clearness is broken, there is a photophobia. Symptoms of this state can suddenly arise and worsen very quickly. Uveit it is necessary to diagnose quickly because various complications can develop: glaucoma, formation of hems, peelings of a retina and other.
  4. Syndrome of a dry eye. When tears aren't enough, our eyes become dry and there is an irritation. The chronic syndrome of a dry eye can cause dryness of a surface of an eye, an inflammation and expansion of blood vessels. It also causes the increased reddening of eyes.
  5. Abuse of vasoconstrictive drops for eyes. Periodic application of similar drops (for example, Vizin) removes reddenings and discomfort of eyes. But at their continuous use, vessels "are as if loosened", as a result of an eye the constantly red.
  6. Carrying contact lenses. Carrying contact lenses can sometimes cause reddening of eyes. At some people, any lenses can cause reddenings because of rejection of artificial material a cornea of eyes. Also, sometimes lenses provoke a syndrome of a dry eye. If you feel discomfort when carrying contact lenses, it is worth using special drops which will relieve of discomfort and will protect eyes from reddening and other negative consequences.
  7. Injuries. Often red eyes turn out to be consequence of injuries of eyes of different force. The small blow, hit on a cornea of an eye of insects, small pebbles or grains of sand – can quite make eyes red.
  8. Cornea ulcers, keratit. Infection of a cornea of an eye provokes expansion of blood vessels and their hypostasis. Plus to everything, the appeared yazvochka, erosion do eyes inflamed and red.
  9. Tuberculosis of vessels of eyes. This the disease provokes a rupture of vessels because of what there is a hemorrhage in a konyyuktiva. As a result, whites of the eyes and eyelids get red color. At tuberculosis of vessels, hemorrhage can cause: sneezing, cough, tension, vomiting, injuries, high blood pressure. A vessel diabetes and some diseases of blood can be the cause of tuberculosis.
  10. Sharp closed-angle glaucoma. Sharp closed-angle glaucoma – the serious disease demanding emergency medical service. This serious type of glaucoma causes painful reddening which usually happens on one eye.
  11. Shegren's syndrome. This syndrome arises when immune system for the purpose of protection of an organism, destroys the cages. Women after 35let are subject to this pathology mainly. It can develop against the chronic not healed inflammatory diseases. Secretion of internal liquids is as a result broken, eyes inflame and get red color.

What consequences of a redness of eyes can be?

If a long time not to take a measure, reddenings will inevitably develop into inflammations. And if first reddenings were because of fatigue, in a consequence they can be because of serious eye illnesses.

If the redness of eyes was initially provoked by an allergy or a serious illness, consequences can be the heaviest and they can end with sight loss.