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Why arises and as herpes on an eye is shown, rash and spots and as to treat them

Why arises and as herpes on an eye is shown, rash and spots and as to treat them Herpes on an eye, rash under eyes and other educations – is more, than simply unpleasant cosmetic defects. Most often it is symptoms of a certain disease or "signals" of penetration into an infection organism.

All these manifestations can bear serious threat not only to skin, and and sight. Each manifestation has the symptomatology and a form therefore having found at least one symptom, it is necessary to take place inspection and to begin expeditious treatment.

Herpes on an eye: reasons, symptoms and forms

Why arises and as herpes on an eye is shown, rash and spots and as to treat them Herpes on an eye – oftalxmogerpes is an infectious disease which activators are viruses of simple herpes of Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) and a virus of chicken pox – Varicella zoster.

According to the last researches, most often herpes develops from a virus of herpes of the second type which is also the causative agent of genital herpes.

Danger of this virus that it has the DNA protected by the strong capsule consisting of three covers. That is, it does it not vulnerable and easily built in DNA of cages of a human body.

It is known that the virus of herpes can "live" a long time in a human body and not have an effect. It can be in such state until immunity of "owner" the strong.

Reasons of emergence (activation) of herpes:

  1. Immunity easing. It is the main reason for manifestation of this virus on integuments of the person.
  2. Not observance of hygiene. Elementary not washing of hands after visit of public places, in particular transport and a sanitary zone, can lead to such consequences.
  3. Use of towels, ware and direct contact with the infected person – by all means conducts to infection and the healthy person.
  4. As most often herpes is deployed on lips and is followed by an itch, the virus is easily transferred by own hands to other sites of skin and eye, in particular. The skin – the quicker is more sensitive and "more reliably" the infection is fixed on skin.
  5. Eye diseases

Group of risk at which is more often than others appears and recurs herpes on an eye, children from 5mesyatsev and to 6let and youth – from 16let to 25let are. It is connected, first of all, with low reactivity of immunity. Also, lack of appropriate hygiene.

Symptoms of manifestation of herpes on an eye

The virus of herpes can affect only skin of eyelids, and can affect also a retina that is inevitable in the started infection forms. Respectively, symptoms differ a little.

Symptoms of bacterial damage of herpes:

  • Reddening century and skler of eyeballs
  • The increased lachrymation
  • Feeling of a foreign matter
  • Photophobia
  • Constant discomfort in eyes and skin of eyelids

Symptoms of infection of a retina of an eye:

  • Decrease in visual acuity, fog, not clearness of the visible
  • Periodic "flashes" and "sparks" before eyes
  • Doubling
  • Distortion of the real sizes of subjects and their remoteness
  • Violation of twilight sight, the complicated review in badly lit rooms
  • Convulsive closing and opening is periodically noted a century (blefarospazm)

Defeat symptoms herpes of an optic nerve:

  • Feeling of severe pain in eye-sockets and the nadbrovnykh arches
  • Narrowing of a field of vision
  • Emergence of a "blind" spot under review and veils
  • The movements by eyes and eyelids are followed by pain
  • Nausea, headache, temperature increase of a body

All symptoms rather obvious to stay idle, referring to an allergy or a general malaise, long stay to the sun or overfatigue.

Forms of course of herpes in the eyes

As primary oftalxmogerpes very seldom arises and most often is recurrence of eye diseases, and forms of its course correspond to forms of a course of an eye illness.

If dermatitis of eyelids (shingles), symptomatology following is the reason of an oftolmogerpes:

  • pain in the struck part of an eye
  • changes of integuments: emergence of bubbles with dense transparent contents. With development of an illness these bubbles are broken off, forming crusts, release of liquid and a yazvochka
  • temperature increase of all body
  • headaches and general malaise
  • the discomfort in a damage zone which is expressed an itch and burning of the affected skin.

If herpes on an eye developed as a result of a konyyuktivit (follicular, catarrhal, other), a form of a course of herpes is as follows:

  • reddening of eyes
  • the increased release of slime and plaintive liquid
  • infrequent rashes on skin round eyes, on centuries

If oftalxmogerpes there was against sharp necrotic damage of a retina, its current is as follows:

  • formation of the inflamed elements on the periphery and in the central region of a retina
  • exudate availability
  • formation of infiltrates in a vitreous body
  • peeling of a retina
  • formation of the tyazhy

This form one of the most dangerous and, as a rule, it provokes a blindness.

If herpes develops against a gerpesny keratit, is observed:

  • decrease in sensitivity of a cornea of eyes
  • there are rashes in the form of the bubbles going on a trunk of a trigeminal nerve
  • formation of infiltrates
  • expressions of a stroma of a cornea of the affected eye
  • ruptures of bubbles are followed by pain and allocations of contents of these bubbles

If herpes on an eye developed against an iridotsiklit, takes place:

  • pain and gripes in eyes
  • intraocular pressure increases
  • static character or change of a form of a pupil
  • puffiness and smoothing of drawing of a raduzhka
  • solderings about a crystalline lens are formed
  • formation of grease traffic jams on corneal endoteliya

Depending on a form of course of an illness the corresponding treatment is selected.