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Why arises gestoz at pregnancy as it is shown and treated

Why arises gestoz at pregnancy as it is shown and treated

Preparation of an organism of the woman for the period of incubation of the child happens by means of reorganization of work of internals.

Blood circulation amplifies, hormones are more actively produced quicker the metabolism proceeds.

These processes often provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases or emergence of new "malfunctions", such, as gestoz.

Under this name doctors unite set of the pathological signs indicating existence of serious violations at pregnant women.

What is gestoz on late terms of pregnancy

It would seem, after early toxicosis which passes to the second trimester, the state of health of the woman has to improve only.

Why arises gestoz at pregnancy as it is shown and treated

But, unfortunately, by the beginning of the third trimester there can be dangerous symptoms worsening a condition of the pregnant woman and complicating process of incubation of a fruit:

  • Weakness and dizzinesses
  • Hypostases – internal and external
  • Increase of arterial pressure
  • Violations in work of kidneys

Doctors call set of these signs gestozy (the variable name of late toxicosis).

Gestoz at pregnancy, as a rule, arises against the existing chronic pathologies which are available for the pregnant woman.

That is, if even before pregnancy there were cases of diseases of kidneys with symptoms of arterial hypertension (the raised blood pressure), it is quite possible that during incubation of the child such mummy will have all manifestations of a gestoz.

It is important not to allow its developments to a condition of an eklampsiya – the heaviest extreme stage of toxicosis.

Gestoz at pregnancy sometimes proceeds is hidden. In cases when the pregnant woman shows consideration for a condition of the health, late toxicosis can not be shown in the form of dangerous signs.

It is noticed that the women observing the principles of healthy food with obligatory control of amount of the drunk liquid, and also the pregnant women attending special courses of physical support of pregnancy suspect that there can be a toxicosis on deadlines for pregnancy at all.

Why arises gestoz at pregnancy as it is shown and treated

Prevention of a gestoz is promoted:

  • water aerobics
  • charging for pregnant women
  • walks of exercises on training of muscles of a back, feet, pelvic bottom, outdoors with elements
  • yoga and others of physiotherapy exercises.

Danger of late toxicosis consists in negative impact on activity of an organism of mother and her child.

Often puffiness, hypertensia, violations of work of kidneys lead to developing of a hypoxia of a fruit, lags in its development and to complications of patrimonial process – to uterine bleedings, lack of breath at the child, violation of patrimonial activity.

The basic principles of the therapy which is carried out to avoidance of similar complications are: creation

the full-fledged mode of rest with application of demulcents and food correction.