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Whether warm-up for eyes will help to improve sight without points and operation

Whether warm-up for eyes will help to improve sight without points and operation The warm-up for eyes consisting of variety of exercises which are picked carefully up by ophthalmologists – practices long ago and yields tremendous results. Many positive results when by means of gymnastics, people restored sight are recorded.

Efficiency of training of muscles of eyes and visual functions is proved also to that if sight is reduced not considerably – within one-two dioptries (+ and-), the doctor doesn't appoint points, and appoints gymnastics for eyes.

Warm-up for eyes: how to improve sight without points and operation

Whether warm-up for eyes will help to improve sight without points and operation Quality of sight directly influences quality of life therefore it needs to be protected. Especially as decrease in sight and its loss is a not only age problem.

Thanks to that there is a warm-up for eyes and it is available to all – everyone can independently, free of charge and without operations to restore the sight, to remove stress and pain from eyes. Also it is not a full range of opportunities of warm-up.

To receive the maximum result from warm-up, it needs to be carried out constantly, daily on a 2-3raz in day. To repeat each exercise several times.

To start practising it is necessary what completely to relax. If the gymnastics is carried out at office, it is worth turning away from the computer, or to change on other chair. It is recommended to execute some simple breathing exercises, to relax shoulders and a back, to forget about all affairs.

Exercises for warm-up of eyes

Each offered exercise for warm-up of eyes is directed on the solution of a certain problem. Exercises can be combined, making the improving complex, and it is possible to carry out only one of the most suitable exercises.

Exercise No. 1 "I see the purpose"

This exercise will help to weaken a crystalline lens and eye muscles.

Exercise so is carried out: having distracted from work, send a look to the most distant point, choose object and record on it the look and don't distract from it some minutes. Then, smoothly transfer eyes to any subject which is near "purpose". After that relax. Execute exercise 4raza. After every time it is necessary to relax.

Exercise No. 2 "20/20/20"

This exercise will help to remove quickly stress from eyes therefore it especially will be pleasant to those to all who "is pasted" to the computer.

Everything what to be necessary to make – to blink on 20raz every 20 minutes on 20raz. It is simple to carry out it in the conditions of office and even a work involving all hands at work.

Exercise No. 3 "The curing hands"

This exercise is directed on removal of tension from the visual center located in a brain. It is necessary to carry out it for five minutes in each hour. For a start it is necessary to warm palms, having rubbed their one about another.

Then, having put elbows on a table, to put palms to eyes, having crossed fingers of both palms on a forehead. Thus palms shouldn't press on eyes. To close eyes and to relax.

Besides told earlier, this exercise also helps to reduce stress, to get rid of irritability and absent-mindedness.

Exercise No. 4 "We represent figures"

This exercise improves the movement of eye liquid and blood circulation in vessels.

For performance of exercise it is necessary to record the head but that it was relaxed. Now, eyes draw figures from zero – to three and from three – to zero. Then, from four – to six, and then from seven – to eight. Repeat several times, you don't hurry.

It is possible to add exercise with application house phyto - lotions. It will allow to gain the maximum effect from warm-up.

It is possible to prepare lotions from such fresh plants: leaves of a fern, leaves of a burdock ordinary and others. It is necessary to wring out simply juice in sterile conditions, then to impregnate napkins in solution and to impose on eyes. Together with it to make the same application on the head.

Instead of juice, it is possible to chop simply small leaves of these plants and to impose on eyes and the head, having tied with its fixing bandage.

If eyes often water, it is possible to prepare such mask: fresh leaves of fennel and a green celery – small to chop and mix with protein of egg. Everything is good to shake up and apply weight on eyes – on everyone in turn.

It is possible to use only juice of these greens or broth, infusion, and also from it and to prepare compresses. Compresses from these greens when there are very first symptoms of conjunctivitis are especially good.

Carrying out exercises, using phyto - preparations and correctly looking after eyes, eyes can keep visual acuity and comfort for a long time. And if deteriorations of activity of eyes are noted – all this will help to avoid operations and long-term treatment.